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Personal techi devices

I've had an ipad mini for a good few months now and it has taken over as 'the' tech device in my life. I seem to only use my iphone for phone calls and texts now. Hubbie uses an ipad but but this seems huge and heavy by comparison to my mini and I doubt you could convince me to swap. What's your favourite personal techi device? What do you use it for mostly? Could an ipad mini (or similar) with phone and text capabilities work for you if it existed?


Its hard not to be swept up by all the techie devices I make myself not use it so much during the day and definitely at night but they are so easily accessible and portable those are the benefits for me. I know I could do without them, cause I did prior to having them but its that adjustment stage back to it that will be a mission


i have a galaxy tablet... but its a nuisance... that half the apps that you can get for apple products, cant be used with all the other devices!


My first Apple product was the iPad2 and I loved it so much I bought the iPhone 4 S as soon as it was released. Didn't take me long to wish I had bought the iPhone first as it is what I use 90% of the time. (Although when travelling you can't beat the iPad2 for watching movies and TV shows!!)


I remember my first iPod - great to use on long journeys on public transport.


I love my android it has everything for me. I don't know I think an ipad even the mini size is still too big for me to carry around and use.


Android for me - none of the Apple lockin, and about 8" does the trick - big enough to read on and browse but not so large and heavy that you don't want to use it.


I love my basic Android phone. I use it for everything.


It's a wonder I'm still not carrying around a slate and chalk. I don't need to go everywhere "connected", most things can wait til I get home. I still prefer leaflets and maps when I go on holiday too!


these days I cannot be anywhere without my android smartphone. using it for many things these days. also my I-pad ,love it. can't wait for more new technology to be created.


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