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Name The First Five Things Closest To You Right Now!

....I was wondering what you all keep close to you, so name the five things closest to you at this very moment excluding the computer, laptop, monitor, mouse and keyboard stuff....the closest five things to me are

My ipod in a bose speaker (playing some Adele)
A book about Computer Programming
A traveling poker set case
A Women's health magazine
And a cup of hot green tea!

Give it a go I find it interesting.....


Um, a big pile of paperwork
My 'bitch brew' coffee mug half filled with cold coffee
Desk phone + work Mobile + private mobile
A big fat muffin I just bought from the lunchlady
My security tag - that I always wander away from my desk without and get stuck in the corridor

...hahahaha...am loving your bitch brew coffee mug!....and am imagining the tag getting stuck.....oh and the muffin....I could do with a muffin but I'd better not.....lol

Dee-Dee my teenage daughters love to find me 'bitch' stuff for work - I have my mug, a 'daily bitch' desk calendar, and a lovely pair of rubber fur-trimmed kitchen 'bitch' gloves that were far too good to wsh dishes in and ended up being pinned to my work wall!

...hahaha are they trying to say something?....lol this is a good one too.....

LOL love that one :-) No, they seem to think that I'm ALWAYS a bitch - its actually just when I'm at home!!! hahaha no not really............


tall glass or chilled water...
My computer with its two screens
My mobile phone
A Calculator
and a bunch of papers that arnt mine but as messing up my desk!!

Same here for the bunch of papers that aren't mine but that are cluttering up my desk!


Bowl of chicken soup
My dad
Tamora Pierce's "Mastiff"
Dad's glasses.

....hahahaha your dad....too funny well he's the most important person to keep close....


My bottom’s firmly on my chair so that is number one
My fingers on the keyboard, tap away till work is done
My mouse is right beside me, (though it often seems to hide)
Then there’s my 32inch screen – it’s really rather wide!

The last thing nearest me, are the words and pics I see
Those familiar avatars, that pop-up on my Chelsey!
There is witchypoo and DeeDee, and Anna on this page
But once I’ve typed my post, my avatar will take the stage!

There’s nothing very personal in the office I don’t share
Just files, and lots of clutter, all playing solitaire
I can hear the birds outside, all singing their hearts out
But otherwise it’s silent. It makes me want to shout!

Enough of all this nonsense, it’s time to do some work
I’m not the sort of person, who’s ever known to shirk!
Sometimes I may drift off a bit, we all need some down time
Or our brains all start to petrify and clog with dusty grime

To all my friends on Chelsey, I hope your day is fine
It really must be better than this dreary day of mine
A client’s coming soon. She’s one that I don’t know.
I hope she brings me lots of work, cause work’s been very slow.

I’m feeling sort of down, though I’ve dinner guests tonight
So I’d better put a smile on and pretend I’m feeling bright!
I’ll finish work quite early and cook them up a treat
Cause nothing makes me happier than making things to eat!

So signing off for now, I send you all my love
And hope the angels smile on you and send you a white dove
By that I’m meaning peace, and joy and feelings good
And lots of Chelsey prizes – well that is understood!

I thank you for this topic, cause I love to write a rhyme
Even though I know full well, it is such a waste of time!
It doesn’t take me long though, the words just seem to flow
Ten minutes and I’ve got a rhyme, but now I’ve got to go!

lol thats got to cheer you up!!

Wow Wice, what a talent! That brightened my dreary afternoon considerably, thank you so much!


1) Mobile phone
I believe that this contains vital oxygen, because whenever I lose it, I find myself unable to breathe, so I keep it very close at all times.

2) Drink bottle
Actually 3 of them, all full of water, which I should have drunk most of by now but seem to have forgotten today.

3) Hand cream
Damn ezcema is playing up again

4) Chocolate & Jellybeans
I put a bowl of lil chocolates and bottle of Jellybeans on my desk top to keep the techies in the office happy

5) Six men
Four married, One gay, and One bitter and twisted divorcee
And NONE of them anything special to look at... sob!

....hahahaha six men and nothing to look at......I have the day of today...but their are seven men where I work 2 are married, 4 are single and think they are all gods gift and one is just grumpy and bitter about everything!.....lol...he always mumbles about someone not putting their cup away in the office kitchen....and I think the other boys just leave it out to push his buttons....4 of them are reasonably good to look at, one is great to look at, one has a comb over and the other is old grumpy!!....but they all have great senses of humour even grumpy...but none of them are better to look at then my man.....lol...old grumpy thought I was having a half a day starting late and called me to bring him in something from the bakery and he will fix me up when I get in I said ok if you are willing to wait until tomorrow....lol...


hahaha our office is a real melting pot we have 100+ staff in Auckland and they are probably made up of 20+ nationalities, ages range from late teens to late 60s, my team is the 'network' team so heaps of techies - not me, I'm just the administrator :-( I seem to serve dual purpose in the office as either mother hen/ cougar depending on who you talk to.....

...so none to look at them....lol....


Two teddy bears. Pillow. Phone. Remote. Cheap tissues.


Also: Rubbish bin, clean clothes, remote, book, and an old mug filled with pens.


...at this blimmin time of the earliest morning I have

A Camcorder
My mum and dads, they bought it over for me to transfer video from it to the computer, to do it up into a video for them....lol including text, themes and music (they gave specific instructions) hahaha

Blank DVD's
To burn the home videos too after I have edited them, which I am doing now, while I am flicking between this and the video editing program

Dove Hand Cream
Love the stuff on my hands

Small plate of sliced apples that have turned brown
Prepared them for me just in case I needed a snack, seeing them I realised I don't need them

Mechanics Magazine with a blimmin soiled oil cloth on top of it
My boyfriends he came in to kiss me good night before jumping in the shower before going to bed, mumbling that my mum and dad should learn to bring things earlier in the day since I had the day of today and I promised to cuddle with him tonight (wink wink)....lol will just have to fit it in earlier this morning....when I have to get up early!...after going to sleep

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