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Have you ever gone to sleep while driving?

I had to go out of town today and as I drove along the highway, the sun poured through the windscreen, and all of a sudden I realised that my eyes were shutting. It wasn't that I was tired at all , more the sun, the hum of the tyres and having no company (and I couldn't get the ipod to work either). I opened the window for bit and the wind wooshed in quite unpleasantly and then I remembered a something I had been told by someone years ago.

If you are feeling drowsey when driving, the best way to wake yourself off is to take of one shoe!

.... I think it actually worked.

I'd be interested to know if anyone else has ever heard of this or have any other unusual hints for keeping alert in this type of situation.


havnt heard that... but it can be very dangerous.. i guess its good to listen to those signs posted on the highways and pull over and have a quick nap or somthing... trying out diff things prob keeps you alert for a while because its fun and interesting... but do you really want to risk it?


maybe eating a gum will help because you'll keep on chewing! i had the experience of almost falling asleep while driving bec it was like 2am and was really tired. i brought along my cousin to keep me company, but she slept so don't bring along anyone who will just sleep on you. my sister is a good talker so i bring her along if ever i need to drive at nighttime.


No i havn't ever gone to sleep behind the wheel but i must say i have driven while i am very tired. Me and my partner often share the driving but what happens when you both are tired? Pull over right? Well its very easy to just keep on going because you want to get home. I have driven and i try and distract myself from going to sleep like singing to the radio and not having the heater blasted up. It makes it really hard when every one else is sleeping in the car, it makes you tired too. I have had sun strike too but not while being tired, if this happens i pull over as safely as i can and wait till i can see properly.


No, but close. I open the windows and sing. I had a friend fall asleep while driving in the USA but I saw him do it so woke him up. He wouldn't pull over thought because we were on a busy freeway and almost home so kept dozing off. Great.

The good thing about travelling in the USA is they have the best rest stops with lots of space and bathrooms and vending machines.

In NZ they have signs saying 'Tired? Pull over and rest" or whatever, and there is absolutely no where to even stop.


There was topic on Chelsey last year about sleeping positions. I couldn't find it with a search but rather than open a new topic, decided this is as goed as anywhere to post this video of this dog's very strange sleeping posture!


Yes ....... the sound of the gravel awoke me in time to see a power-pole looming in front ... brakes, swerving, brought reality to hand. I got out lucky that day .... with a lesson learnt.

Wow, terrifying! I find I make dumb mistakes when I'm tired, but nothing that has resulted in a collision, knock on wood.
I did spin the car one time near the Grand Canyon when the rain was so INCREDIBLY hard and I was driving at about 50km and caught the edge of the tyre on the edge of the road, which was about an inch past the white line, spun a time or two towards a row of pines, but fortunately stopped on the grass verge. Phew.


Sleep while driving... no way doest soundlike me.

My friends dad went to sleep while driving motorbike, that disfigured his face forever.


I remember that 'going for a drive' was my GPs fix-all for unsettled or unwell babies - and it worked. Taking a crying, worked-up baby for a drive definitely put it to sleep; and taking a baby with a slight temperature (minor ailment) for a drive with the window down, also cools them off and settles them down... His other tip for babies with slight temperatures, was a warmish soak in the tub!


....no but I have been a passenger asleep in a car and woken up suddenly when I was shoved from one side of the car to the other....I ended up booting the driver to the back seat where I was for asleep and drove....I also have been in a situation where a driver was coming towards my mum and I on a one way street the wrong way and falling to sleep in the car and going all over the road...we had to beep the horn like crazy to wake the guy up luckily he wasn't going fast, but my mum who never swears saw red and started going off at the guy, while I called the police...they came and apparently he was five times over the legal limit....five times! how does that happen and it was only 11am on a weekday the police had to calm my mum down because she wanted to slap him.....lol....and when my dad turned up he wanted to floor him....o to be in my family....lol

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