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Happy Birthday Anna

Hope it's a great one & you survive your exam also!


Indeed!! Happy Birthday Anna, Winner of the best birthday present EVER!!! Hope you Ace your exam and have a wonderful day!!


Happy birthday!


"It's sad to grow old, but nice to ripen!" (Brigette Bardot - actress) Have a wonderful day and a happy, healthy and successful year ahead. Happy Birthday Anna!


Hope you're enjoying your birthday - cheers


happiest happy hatchday Anna....though looking at the time it is belated but congratulations anyway.....and I hope your exam went well too....hope you had something special planned.....


Thanks everyone for the birthday love!! Exam was a bit of a nightmare... but all my worries were washed away by the amazing day i had afterwards... went to the mexican cantina for lunch with a good friend of mine... sipped on magaritas while having lunch... then the guy at the bar saw on my id that it was my birthday and gave us free birthday tequila shots... then we sat in the sun and had a movenpick ice cream.... Then my partner and another good friend met up with us and we went to the mexican cafe in town which has spannish bands playing and you go and do crazy salsa dancing - well our excuse for crazy salsa dancing!! while all the super good spannish and mecian people do totally amazingt dances around us haha THEN!! we went to a kareoke bar and got our sing on!! haha and the night came to an end around 2 in the morning... (which isnt bad for a wednesday =P)

That sounds far more fun than I have on my birthdays pretending that they aren't happening!

That sounds like a perfect birthday day (sans the exam, of course!). I tend to do like 'Me' and pretend they aren't happening, because it's just depressing having to plan everything myself.

yer... i usually dont do much.. and this wasnt planned - except meeting my friend for lunch... it was just the way it progressed which made it all the more fun!!

Nice! You probably needed (deserved) something really nice to balance out having to do an exam on your b-day!


Fi, Just read your reply and had to laugh! I didn't think Me worked for a username but got sick of my initials and couldn't think of anything at all. Oh well, back to the drawing board...

lol i got so confused when i first saw it... i was like has chelsey changed it so it says me... as in what i last said.. or is me someone haha

haha! It totally doesn't work! Maybe I should just switch back until I come up with something else equally stupid and confusing....

lol sorry i didnt mean you had to change!! i was just laughing at the confusingness haha!!

I know! I just wanted a change but couldn't think of anything to change it to!

I did the same thing! I'd scan down the names seeing who wrote that and think "and I wrote that..."



Thats the most gorgeous pic of your puppy kh!!!

That was back when I could still pick him up! Not a chance of that anymore!

Who could say no to this face?

i want him!!


What a cute picture. Happy birthday! Mine was last month, but yours sounds way more exciting!

lol this is an old post... mine was right at the begining of the month... but i only just saw this pic... and i had to comment coz hes gorgeous!!

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