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Gift for the person who has everything and wants nothing.

So I'm going to a wedding next month, and the groom said no gifts. I feel I should at least give a token, but can't think what. He's a bit quirky, likes expensive things, unique things, art works, etc. I'm sure he doesn't really want more 'stuff' to clutter up his awesome house. Oh, yeah, he's also wealthy and older. I don't really know his wife-to-be, but she's younger, about half his age. I'd like to make something, but not sure I have the energy at the moment. I'd like to buy something from a museum shop, but not sure I have the money at the moment. Any ideas??? What do you give to the man (couple) who has everything?


Try hiring a plane with a banner to do a 'fly-by', with a message. Unique & with a personal touch..... What do you think,... quirky enough?


I always love homemade gifts! It always means the most - even a nice homemade card...maybe some fudge wrapped up nicely? or some baking? If you are the artsy type...you should do something like that! What a great idea :))) The plane idea would be a bit expensive i think wildwood... personally, i would have to take a loan to do something as extravagant as that ;)


Yeah, the plane would be considerably out of my budget. I'd love to make something, but it has to show a bit of thought and time... Someone gave us home made jam at our wedding and we were like 'Huh??' I used to crochet big blankets but don't have time (2 weeks). I thought of getting my kids to make matching necklaces (he wears them, too) but we went to the beading shop today and it's gone!! Back to square one!

Hahaha...okay maybe the homemade food thing isn't an idea :p

A crochet blanket would be such a coool idea..but yes, very time consuming.

UH OH....don't think I can be of much help...just check out like an artsy crafty type shop..they would have a one of a kind pressie idea! I love love love those homemade photo albums made from recycled paper...they are REAL cool...and then you just stick the photos in...but yeah..otherwise im not much help

All the best in finding a present :)


I think make some art work...You can buy a canvas quite cheap and maybe cover it in wallpaper or paint itget the kids involved either cut things out to stick on it or hand prints,foot prints,large letters to spell something out.....Kids really do have great imaginations and do suprise me some times with their ideas...and it would certainly be unique....:-)


How about a stress ball I make and sell loads at markets something different! I like anything homemade cards, pictures,personal paintings,bags etc give something personal special memory.


Your presents with a smile, is priceless.... ;)


even thought his post is old it would have been great to put together a little passion pack or pampering pack for the couple since it sounds like a wedding gift, put in a selection of lush chocolates, scent candles a great mix of music that you may know they like, a book like the karma sutra, some of the jewellery you were talking about before, you know his and her items, lingerie, edible flavours etc which they could have used to spice up their wedding night perhaps or their honeymoon, this would have been dependent on how well you knew them of cause, else it would get awkward lol

Haha - this probably would have been okay, even though he is 70 and she's mid 30s. He's pretty cool (and sexy) like that :)


buy a blank frame and make everyone write their wishes for the newly-weds.

This is a great idea. Wish I'd gotten it before the wedding. He (they) would have loved it :)


I'm sure just being there to celebrate with them will be enough of a gift to him. That's all he wants.


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