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From the heart: Home-made Christmas presents

Does anyone make some or all of their own Christmas presents - cooking, crafts, carpentry etc. I thought maybe we could share some ideas here - things we have made ourselves, been given or just seen somewhere or had an idea about! Are there aany home-made gifts you hate to get as well - just in case someone was thinking of making them?


Terrariums are easy and can be very individual...


Sometimes I make biscuits for people and wrap them up nicely. Usually buy most stuff though as I don't have much time and I dont have much talent!


I made cloth advent calendars one year... I used to crochet blankets (yarn is too expensive in NZ and no time now). I've made cookies in the past too, shortbread. Once I made a whole tree of cookies, like a really big star at the bottom, then a smaller one, up to a one inch one at the top, then iced it with green icing and those ball bearing type decorations, took Waaaaaaay to long, never again!! Probably... I usually make a lot of cards, but this year... I dunno...


I've made 3d block puzzles, ribbon and bead bookmarks, magnets and baked things like biscottis. Have no idea what I'll do this year.


Does anyone have any pictures of any of the goodies they've made? It's just must more inspiring to see the end products and the things people have mentioned sound fanatastic. .One thing that I've found fun to make is homemade chocoltes. If you haven't got moulds you can just dip crystalised gineger or dried apricots. Nuts are great too, either single if they are big or clusters - almonds, hazelnuts, etc.


I have the easiest idea for a 'plate' to take to christmas parties. You buy a pack of mallowpuffs, melt some white chocolate (very slowly) and put about a teaspoonful on the top of each (a few at a time, it sets fast) and then put one or two of those jelly spearmint leaves and a couple of jaffas on the top like holly. Looks so good! I found someone elses pic, mine looked better :)

...awesome good to get a visual of it I copied the process from the other thread but wondered how it would look and it looks pretty good to me....

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