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Fireworks - up in smoke.

Fireworks, are they a big bang theory, a phase due to fizzle out? Each year thousands of claims for injuries and damage are reported as well as stressed animals. If there is a majority who would prefer public controlled displays why hasn’t it been implemented?


I think I read yesterday that there are $1 million worth of fireworks related injuries each year. And to think that up until I read that the only beef I had with them was the amount of money wasted.


i just dont think it worth it these days.. the fireworks are getting pretty pathetic (the ones you buy for home use).. and you just waste so much money.. and it is dangerous... i think we just need a couple of public displays and itll be all good!!

I don't think they even do one in Hamilton. We'd have to go to Ohaupo, about 25 minutes south. And then parking sucks. Not sure what we're going to do this year.
I will admit to buying two packages of fireworks, but that was at the direction of my co-writer/director and they're for the film we're making next year :)


I stopped buying fireworks years ago and now even my kids think they are a waste of money. We usually get together with family for a barbie(we provide the most food since we don't take along fireworks) and other times because we are lucky enough to live in a place where we can just walk up a hill and view all the fireworks from our vantage point although it's getting a little crowded as more a more people have the same idea. The public displays are much better to go along to since they are the only ones allowed to display the more decent ones!


I used to love having a night at the beach as a kid setting off fireworks, bonfire going. I also used to have a dog that didn't care about them. My two cats couldn't care less, one will (still) happily stand outside and watch with me. Have a puppy now who is a huge wimp so not sure I'm looking forwards to them this year. I'm always a little worried about my horse out in the country in case anyone tries to do anything out there. I've always found him in one piece the next day though!


For those that love fireworks, here is the predicted weather predicted for tomorrow night around the country Auckland: Mainly dry, breezy 14-16C Hamilton: Clear and mild 13-15C Wellington: Windy and dry 10-12C Christchurch: Clear and cool 9-12C Dunedin: Showers clearing wind easing cool 8-11C.


Who's got money to burn?

I don't but most of us probably burn a little on something anyway....


GUY FAWKES: The English, among other talents, are adept at nurturing their grudges. How else does one explain the enduring enmity toward Guy Fawkes, a conspirator in a plot to blow up Parliament in 1605? Some four centuries after Fawkes was caught, tortured and executed for his role in a scheme that never came to fruition, Britons still celebrate his demise each Nov. 5 by burning his likeness in effigy and setting fireworks ablaze. What Guy Fawkes tried to do was an act of Terrorism and here we are still celebrating the day he was caught. Isn’t this going against our modern beliefs in stamping out Terrorism. On these grounds shouldn’t we stop celebrating Guy Fawkes night? The retailers keep this event alive, yet injuries have cost taxpayers $1.5 million in ACC claims over the past five years. If we must have a fireworks display shouldn’t we leave it to the professionals and stop the sale of fireworks to the public altogether?


These days 'Fireworks' are PC, as the polution caused is covered by 'Carbon-credits'..........


I don't really like home fireworks. We haven't bought any for home for a few years - we just watch the neighbours ones if anything. this year we went to the public display which was really reasonable - $10/adult & $5/kid. I figure it's about the price for a boom box or whatever but with much better fireworks.


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