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Dammit - Addicted Already!

Just when I thought Facebook ruled my life I find you guys!! Now I'm wanting to get home and check in to see how everyones days went and who won what this week and what they've got to say!! I fear I am one step closer to being a complete shut-in;) And I've only been doing this a couple of weeks! Anyone else in this predicament??


I think Cheslely will be chuffed to hear that!


lol i think i became an addict months ago!!


....Yep face book was my bff and now Frank and Chelsey are.....it's addictive...and when I am in the forums its hard to drag myself away from it sometimes....lol I guess that is called an addiction....lol


Oh yes Facebook is very addictive but even more so now that I joined the buy and sell group for my area. I find I purchase items that I don't need and can't really afford - now that's bad. I'm currently selling bags and bags of new Barbie doll clothes I have sewn, they cost more to make than what I am selling them for but hah I don't care at least it gives some child happiness


Ooh, where abouts is your one, Redeve. If it's not on this facebook page, can you add it? I'm trying to link them all up cause they're so hard to find on FB. http://www.facebook.com/SalesInNZ

Are you asking where the buy and sell group is Rosie? Just go to your Facebook page and in the search box type in Manawatu Buy and Sell and then you have to wait to be invited..


soso having chelsey withdrawls!! only 4 more study days haha!!

Do you still have another exam to go?

still have another 3!! tuesday... wednesday.. thursday


so freeee!!!

...LOL...I have started having peeks at work but don't post cause I will end up glued to it....and never get any work done.....talk about addicted my partner thinks I've lost the plot...cause first thing I do usually when I get home is fire up the computer...and see what's happening....lol

Ive finished guys ive finished!!! yay!!! i got to leave the house without a bunch of books in my hands this morning... it was a beautiful thing!!!


Yeah I'm with you Anna...I'm one of those people who like to do things in my own time so when I first got on the internet (Yes shock horror 2011!) I went a bit over board staying on til 3 or 4 in the morning but thank God I've gotten over that addiction......these days I'm quite content to log on and head straight for Chelsey ( I just signed up for Frank) and like reading what everyone's been up to and with a very active 2 year old it's hard to find time to comment but where there's a will there's always a way!


Doh! sorry TJ! see what i mean? i'm trying to type while holding a squirming 2 year old......


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