Discussing :: D.I.Y - Being self reliant.


D.I.Y - Being self reliant.

Being able to do your own basic maintenance about the house, car or garden, is a form of independence. Those who consider this an area left for 'man's expertise' may lack confidence to try D.I.Y ... (do it yourself) ..
Are you a hands on person?


We are about to become DIY people.. just bought a house and can see lots we want to do already! Its exciting though! gives you a real sense of worth when yourve achieved sometime that looks and works well that you did yourself!

we are having sooo much fun doing stuff to our house! it gives you a reeal sense of satisfaction when something looks awesome.. and you did it yourself!


The programme ,"On The Block" shows what some can do with a little guidance and determination.

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It's taken me a while to work out what I can and shouldn't do. Like plumbing is something I should not attempt, but anything with wood/paint/glue is worth a shot.


I have realised that because I was never shown how to do things doesn't mean that my daughter should not learn. I realised my mistake when i said to my husband the other day about showing our son how to do things-I totally didn't ask for him to show my daughter how to use the tools. So Maybe I should be learning as well! So to all mothers out there make sure your daughters get those DYI skills as well as your sons.

This is good... females need to know how aswell.. even just the basic use of power tools... it comes in very handy!!

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Just built some planter boxes over labor weekend... now to decide what to plant!


As I live alone everything that need doing at my house is up to me. Otherwise I have to pay someone which is never in the budget. I painted my house last summer and gained a lot of satisfaction from in even though it was quite boring.


It's in the NZ culture to be as DIY as possible, I think. Certainly, having a male to do the "big" jobs is an advantage, where tasks can be too heavy for women. However, most women are very self-reliant and when pushed into a corner they can achieve the essentials, repairs, maintenance, etc. Probably the budgeting and shopping is mostly women's work but in today's world of equality then the guys can step up here too.


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