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Creative architecture - art to live in!

I always wished I had studied architecture. I'd love to create amazing buildings and structures with a practical use. NZ seems to lack much creative flair when it comes to buildings - costs always seem to have to take precedence. It wasn't always like that when you look back at some of the amazing old buidlngs we have with their incredible vision and craftsmanship. I'd love to see the sorts of buildings that Chesley women find interesting or inspiring - whether it be skykscrapers or dolls houses, treehouses or boathouses!


For starters (back to my holiday again) , here is the School of Design (OCAD) building (The Sharp Centre) in Toronto. It's quite jaw-dropping to look at. The giant 26 metre tall multicoloured poles are said to represent crayons. and pencils. You can find the architects notes here: http://www.ocad.ca/about_ocad/overview/sharp_centre.htm or http://www.galinsky.com/buildings/sharpcentre/index.htm

id kinda expect this to fall over...


you'd kind of expect a school of design to have an artistic building, wouldn't you?


Here's one at Zollverein Uni in Germany (school of design)

That really gives the impression that the building is totally empty. - just a shell. I wonder if it is or this is an optical illusion.

its cool from the outside... but like being in there ... theres so much without windows.. i dont like that....


or there's ironbank in Akld here

Shoe boxes?

Kinda like shoeboxes. They are the same shape.


or the NZI centre in Akld also - very cool!


I love this container city here: They're proposing that they make it into a new prison & get the prisoners to contruct it. More info here: http://eyeofthefish.org/crusher-collins-cracks-containerisation/


Containers seem to be getting used more and more as building blocks. They always look quite pristine so I'd be interested to know whether architects start with new or recycled containers in mind. This looks like a cool sort of playhouse to me rather than a prison!


That'd be the best playhouse! Imagine the hide & seek you could play!

It does have that feeling about it... miight not be so good at a prison!


This strange construction s the New Taipei City Museum of Art.. "the museum's exterior form is generated by a sprawling and undulating roof canopy which interconnects the established urban fabric to produce an iconic and dynamic center"

Wow. That is different and rather amazing.

wow thats crazy looking!! i think id be a little creeped out living there though for some reason!!

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