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I can't find the other thread using search, and can't get past the first page of listings so I'm starting a new thread to post this. Jane Eyre Prize Pack>> Mermaid73, Joanna(trinitygrace77), DeeMar, Tanya(tanya.stone) & anni(anni_m) Interestingly, I've never heard of a couple of these people, and at least one of them has never posted in the Love & Relationships forum which was meant to be the prerequisite for winning this prize (can't find what two of them posted at all). Interesting. But congrats Mermaid73 and DeeMar!!

awesome I won something in here....cool now if only I knew how I can claim it....probably flick them an email congrats other fellow winners....

The team in Frank have told me how to do it....best of luck to you all...


Hey DistactibleMe Chased up to find out how the winners were picked, those you couldn't find; Joanna created this thread >> http://www.chelsey.co.nz/forums/LoveandRelationships/love-or-infatuation with Tanya & Anni posting on the competition page >> http://www.chelsey.co.nz/win-a-jane-eyre-prize-pack We had asked the team to balance up rewarding our loyal members and encouraging new members to get in amongst the community.. Noted though with Tanya & Anni that they only posted on the competition page and hadn't actually participated in the forum. Have driven it home to our 'winner selector' that we need to pick those getting involved in the community. Thanks for pointing this out. Thoughts and feedback always welcomed!

Thanks! I'd noticed a lot of people just commenting on the competitions, and the same in the articles. We need them in the forum!! :)

Oh, ps. Just a suggestion, I realise it makes sense to pick people who have commented on the competition because then you know they really want the prize, maybe they should be required to comment in the competition thread AND in the forum. Cheers.

I like that idea too. I'd noticed and wondered about not recognizing some of the names too.


i like that idea!! its awesome to give the prizes to different people, makes them all feel special and will hopefully make them remain on the site... but we want them to join us in the forum!! so i like the idea that they should have to post in the forum and on the competition post... then hopefully theyll love it and come back for more!!


Im all for encouraging new members too. Makes it better for all of us :D


In danger of contridicting myself lol! although it's a real bonus to be in the competition and to actually win would be over the moon, I just love this site for the ability to be able to share my views on a myraid of topics...very theraputic and it's good to see other peoples views also.


agree with starlite! i enjoy having conversations with other members and seeing their views on things :). i wish more people joined in though, it feels as though its always the same people ;).


A challenge every now and then would be really fun too. I know some sites do things like get you to write a haiku about the prize. 25 words or less can be fun too. Plus if they're all posted as comments on the article page it would be entertaining to read through!


did you see kh that they're suggesting the "Lounge" forum be used for games & puzzles. I've been trying to think of different games/puzzles to play. Are you keen?

that sounds like a good idea!!!

No, I missed that! Where was that mentioned?

Ahh I've spotted it now, in the description of this forum before you click on it. Guess I paid attention to that the first time I clicked on it...and not so much since then!


I just posted the first one - go have a read & a think- try not to google!


Competition Winners this week: Honda Weekend Insight for the Long Weekend>> Marley(melaniewhitburn), Rosie(rosieorr) & Starlite5 Hawaiian Kahuna Massage and 4 handed Reiki Treatment from Aroha Healing>> Flowery3

what are the plans or you honda insight winners?? planning on travelling that weekend??

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