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Age of consent

Has carnal knowledge become an acceptable crime? Teenagers are not ‘bullet-proof’ to pregnancy or to the variety of STD’s – AID’s/HIV etc. Educating still goes unheeded as hormones take over. With a desire to be accepted and looking older, teens are gullible and therefore potential victims.
Do you think it is society and/or the parents to be more involved??


When one's 14 year old becomes interested in a 20, 30+year old, do you condone this as a normal relationship?
Today's youth are in too much of a hurry to be noticed.. they dress & lie about their age, then the guy is guilty......


Come on, the guys should have a fair idea how old the girl is by the conversation he has with her before the hormones start flying. That's given he is at all interested in talking to her!


Yeah its not always the girls in the wrong, nor the guys, LIke Andypandy mentioned, you should have a fair idea how old the girl is by the coversation and maturity!!


Let us stick to the rule... those needed consenting age, has still to be followed, thats why we have those rules... one has to be responsible for minors actions. And when adult reaches the age of consent, it is up to him/her to do what he/she thinks is right for him/her, and be responsible enough for its pros and cons.... Live Life Responsibly!


Yes age of consent. Talk to your kids and teach your kids!!


My niece is 14 and girls she knows are engaging in inappropriate behaviour. She knows it's wrong and we all talk about it as a family so I know she's sensible but you have to wonder about the other girl's parental situations.


My 2 daughters look way older than they are (11 and 13), they look 14 and 16, I have seen young men looking at them and it makes my skin crawl. We have already had many a conversation with them about the way they deal with certain situations and we will definatly have as much input as possible in their lives to try and keep them safe and on the right track. But in the end we will have to let go as they get older and they will make their own choices, I will just try and keep them educated but still innocent kids as long as I can.


goes along the line of this i guess.. is the clothing that young girls are wearing out these days.. it shocks me... i wonder how some parents even let their kids of of the house... they are asking for trouble.....


I doubt that this is a new problem. Maybe that's why some societies created 'coming of age' rituals for young men and women - a way of formalising what sort of behaviour is acceptable or not. If we opt for freedom and fewer rules, then we need to instill self-imposing values in our children and educate them about responsibilites and consequenes. Mostly, I believe, young girls simply are testing boundaries. They see the effects this has on their caring elders (shock, horror, etc.) but don't realise how their decisions could adversely affect their own lives.

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