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Is it just me or do other's get annoyed at their partners buying zoo mags? It makes me feel like they are checking out other chicks and that you arn't good enough for them. All the guys i've been with have brought them. All the guys read them at work. Why don't they make ones for chick's? I have thought of getting one just to make a statement but there are none. Even our girly mags are filled with girls, whats up with that??? Just want some opinions of other's please just to see if i am actually being unreasonable. Cheers :)


I personally don't have a problem with it because it's in the 'fantasy' bracket. It would be A LOT different if he was checking out females when we were out and about. Free to admire, but in a non-sleazy way if you know what I mean. Looking at pictures to me is just admiring what females can look like. I also find the more comfortable I am with myself (weight/health wise) the less I'm going to mind it also.


In saying that - as long as he's making you feel attractive too


Yes he does say i'm sexy and all that. I am happy with my looks, weight etc. So many people say how gorgeous i am and that he is so lucky, but thats what i don't get???? Why does he still like to read those mag's.


Im a male so id have to say if my partner bought a zoom mag id be stoked. but come on females are you telling me your partners should get mad if you wanted to watch magic mike?


...I have no qualms what so ever of my man buying girly mags...doesn't mean he is going to leave me...that would make me rather insecure and the last time I checked I wasn't....and besides him and I buy wilder things than that together....and I buy things that he doesn't mind either.....and as for the above comment...of course I would watch Magic Mike...but my man is pretty great too....so I would rather throw on a beat and let him give me a private show....lol


dancelovelaugh are you DeeDee? cause that picture looks so familiar.


yer i dont mind my partner doing it... every male is going to look.... if you know about it or not.... better that its just a mag... than going out there and doing something!


I thought looking was supposed to be acceptable... as long as you don't cross the line. You'll never take a man away from that type of material even if he is happy with you...


You're not alone, I don't like it either. Personally I find it highly insulting, and can't help but think that my partner isn't satisfied with me if he has to fantasise about something better. But that's just me.


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