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Where did you meet your partner?

There is always so much discussion about where to meet guys, e.g. join a club. However, it might be more helpful for singles to find out where and how 'couples" did actually first meet - the place and the circumstances. So, where did you first meet your 'other' half? I met mine, dare I say it, while having dinner with another guy at a restaurant. The two were friends and hubbie just popped over to our table say hello!

Well It had not been a great weekend. I had been dumped although rather mutually by my partner of two and a half years having followed them to a new city. My drinking buddies left me to my own devices after we had gone to some of the most tragic stand comedy ever!

Roaming the city alone I wandered into a fringe underground bar sober as a judge. Where I ran into my former flatmate and now I am very glad to say my current fiancee!


At a sporting event, boat racing which I have being in all my life (with my parents) and a friend whom is in boats as well bought his friend along, we all became really good friends for 5 months after him chasing me, then I finally opened my heart (after having it broken to a bad extent) and I built up the courage to say yes id love to and we have being together ever since, and got a little baby girl on the way.


I was at a river with friends and he turned up with his friends who knew some of my friends....


He first came into work wanting to buy a cell phone. I took his number in both the work diary and then my own phone book. A week later we met at a New Years Eve doo and we've been inseparable since, we've shared 12 years and two sons together.


We met at the pub! Classy I know but we have been together for 17 years since we were at uni so I guess it worked out in the end!


Met a bar, had nothing to loose and after talking all night gave him my number! Been together 3 years now and we are like 2 peas in a pod. Funny as well, my parents met at the same bar 30 years earlier!


I met my husband 18 years ago at the beach where our family camped every year. I even still remember the first time I saw him walking along the beach...I said to my sister, 'wow, check him out!'. Somehow I found a way to talk to him, probably kept going past his tent every 5 minutes haha. Been married 10 years now, with 2 kids!


I love reading all your posts about the first sparks and also seeing how so many have survived the years to become lasting relationships. Thank you so much for sharing these special moments.


My partner and I met through Find Someone. It's funny how many people still think that is a weird way to meet, but for many, particularly older people, it is an ideal way to find the right person.


I don't know anything about "Find Someone". How does it work fander? Were you nervous? Did you find your partner right away?


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