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What makes you visit Chelsey?

No doubt we all have a variety of websites we go back to again and again. It may be that they offer interesting articles, provide great information, are full of beautiful temptations, give people a chance to air their opinions, offer prizes, ... or whatever. I have noticed, for instance, that when there are competitions on Chelsey, there seem to be lots more people making contributions to the forums. That's not to say that people aren't browsing all the time. I love reading what the diverse opinions that people write about and adding my two cents worth. I enjoy sharing interesting things on Chelsey (bizarre products, art, etc.) I come across from all over the place. It's impossible to please everyone and I find some, but not all of the articles relevant and interesting. I enjoy arguing a point if I don't agree anyway... And thanks for introducing me to TED, Chelsey! What do you love about Chelsey? Why do you visit Chelsey?


Quite often pop into the forums but there is nothing worth commenting on or I don't have anything worthwhile to contribute, so don't bother. I'm not big on fashion and beauty subjects and find it interesting chelsey doesn't have a sport and current events forum when I know a lot of us play or watch sport. When there is an interesting topic running I am much more likely to visit. The comps are a nice bonus but not the main reason I visit.


I like seeing what people are up to. I am quite a home body - only really leaving the house for work, going to movies, or getting supplies! I like to catch up with friends but I also love my own company - I am quite a solitary being. Many evenings I am too tired to be social so Chelsey enables me to 'catch up with friends' and share conversations etc without the pressure of having to actually go out (and i can talk to you all in my PJS!)

You should come over and watch a movie sometime! Not sure when I'll be watching movies til August... But I totes have no problem if you're in your pjs! We always have chocolate and wine :)


The comments are interesting at times. To read from a variety of people, their views, sometimes a bond of anon strangers, anon friends


I spent a little more time tonight reading other peoples comments rather than expressing my own. Thanks for the giggles on Children or partner TJ and Fi.

You're very welcome!


I've only really just started using this website, but it seems like a cool place to be able to read articles that are relevant to our lives and chat with people in the forums. I love entering competitions as well.


Love reading the articles etc... Love recieving there newsletter each week to, get excited when i see it come through to my inbox. But didnt recieve it this week?? Also love entering the competitions. Always got something good going on.


I love entering competitions, so that's what attracts me to sites initially, then I love reading through different peoples comments and opinions in the forums and reading the articles as well.


There are some great competitions and some of the articles make for very good reading. The views from people on different topics are also very interesting.


Let's face it... CHELSEY is one of the best in the net now... with wonderful articles and products that both me and my partner are very excited to see and read always... plus the awesome competitions! So, we always look forward on visiting and reading CHELSEY>>> Long Live CHELSEY!


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