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What makes a man sexy?

I wasn't sure whether to put this under Beauty and Style or here but in the end for me, sexiness is not merely looks! There is a new topic post listing People magazines Sexiest Men Alive 2011 preview and it make me wonder if it is the same things that make Chelsey women find any particular man 'sexy'. I recall we discussed something similar some months back but couldn't find the posts so let's take a fresh look. I'm not sure we would all even agree on physical features but beyond physical appearance, what does it for you?

A guy needs to have a nice accent, who respects me and my children,
and also earns lots of money LOL.

eyes lips and smell

I just met up with a guy from 28 years ago, we were great together sexually, and he is 8years younger than me - we spent about 8 hours talking and all he could do is try and get into my pants - back in the old days I would have jumped at it but ewww not now - I am nothing to look at myself but at least I am clean and smell nice he had a shave but didn't bother having a shower so that was a big No No.. Plus he stuck of booze ewwww


Looking at the pics of those sexy men under the 'Entertainment' topic made me wonder if we do judge sexiness more on a physical than emotional level. I had never thought so but take a look at these pics. All these guys have been labelled as 'sexy' in their day but how many people would say the same now? Or maybe they are... what do you think? Is sexiness more than skin deep?

Rod Stewart was and never well be sexy But I loved his music in the day

....gosh looks like the years haven't been kind to a couple of them....but rod is still a great singer and they are still great actors....except Arnie hes debatable.....


Having a sense of humour is the best and totally sexy. If a guy cannot make you laugh, then your relationship won't go far. Well, thats what I reckon anyway (for me). Of course one guy may not make one woman laugh, but he will be able to make another laugh. I also find that a guy that smells nice is sexy! Nothing more lovely than a guy walking by with a nice collonge on (sorry for bad spelling). Or even their own scent. I love my boyfriends scent, whenever he goes away for a week or so I always steal his jumper that hes had for a while and cuddle it at night cos it has his nice homely smell on it. I love it :) I enjoy guys that like outdoors too, not the ones that like to be stuck infront of their laptops, xboxs or playstations! Going for walks and bikerides makes things exciting :D

I agree with the sense of humour. I love to find a guy who laughs at the same things as me, and who makes me laugh.

I'd find it hard to be with a guy who was not interested in being somewhat active. Not obsessively though, couldn't handle that. But when I go to the Grand Canyon I want to hike in it, not look at it from the Rim...

Never really had a thing for cologne though. I'd rather smell the guy, unless he smells particularly bad, in which case I'm not sure cologne would really hide that... But I admit I do kinda like when they're gone, and you can still smell them...


Have to say, smells turn me on or off. I love to nuzzle into Hubbie's neck and find he sutbtly smells of my favourite cologne... not too much though and not the wrong sort. ...and I'd add the way he looks at you.... and a valvety deep voice turns me on too! Thinking of the two adverts on TV that try using sex to sell to women. The first one is that Aussie fellow in bed pretending to be French. Cracks me up! The other one is that Italian guy cooking (can't rmember what), but he does make me smile every time I see the advert!


Oh ii love the italian guy adverts - so funny - "i love my mama!" brains - dumb guys can be sweet but, i gotta have someone who can keep up! Sense of humour - lol's are a must. creativity. In terms of looks, i'm a sucker for longhair and dreads. Nice fore arms!



...for me it is a combination of things....first and foremost like most of the ladies have stated he has to have a hellishly great sense of humour, and can express it openly...as I like to think I have so he must have......be respectful of his parents and mine, as I am with his and mine... ...he has a passion for various sports like me...and also looks after himself well, cause if I do, then he should also...definitely be a Man's man and not a full blown metro because if he spends more time then me in getting ready he has to go....be a semi-geek and have an interest in Technology...as I like to dabble in that a bit... ...and most of all the way he looks and smiles at me, like there is nothing else in the world but just us two....hehehehe...all of that is sexy in my world.....


I love a good smile, but they got to have more. Fun to be with but can be serious and sensible when required to. I do love smart guys, seriously sexy


I love smart guys too! But not too full of themselves sorta guys! Cute is a must ;) I CANT STAND guys who think they are sh** hot! It is SOOO unattractive, and very hard to be around. They usually spend more time straightening their hair and getting ready than I do.

In the world of romance, one single rule applies:

Make the woman happy.
Do something she likes, and you get points.
Do something she dislikes, and points are subtracted.


I've only dated one guy that I didn't find physically attractive, and he was so smart and funny, and made me think in ways I've never done before, it was so much fun. I definitely need a guy who likes to disguss ideas and brainstorm and challenge my ideas and make me think.


Does anyone else remember as a teenager, having a crush (I'm talking about at a distance) on someone they thought was really sexy, then seeing or meeting them a few years later and thinking 'what on earth did I ever find attractive about that guy?" There's an interesting article discussing "Do you have a Crush?" at http://www.villagematchmaker.com/Articles/Do-You-Have-a-Crush.html

...Yes I had a crush on a boy in our track team at school....thought he was everything back then....lol...and then I saw him many years later when I came home for a holiday and am glad that it was only a teenage crush because when I saw him again...the first thing I thought was how the hell could I even think of such a thing.....he doe's seem happy with his 8 kids to 3 different women though...lol...

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