Discussing :: What do you think a Man's best feature is or isn't?


What do you think a Man's best feature is or isn't?

I wonder what a man's best feature is, is it his smile, his eyes, his body, personality, character, the fact he has a job ambition, is caring? I think my man's best feature is me.....joking lol....but really to me it is the way my partner smiles at me, does it to me all the time, even when I have been naughty lol added bonus that he is a good caring man too.....on the flip side he thinks he can sing like Enrique Iglesias but is more like Weird Al Yankovic....lol What do you think a Man's best feature is or isn't?


i have a feeling this question has been asked before! lol and i think we are all different!! for me... his lips... and his smell... :) And if he has a icky smell.. i deft cant go there hahah


Singing in the shower .,.can be very entertaining, though he is tone deaf when the water's off.


Ha, got to be Patience and accepting his wife didn’t find the perfect partner.


Yeah, it's different for different guys, too. Thinking back... Intelligence is a HUGE one. I've been attracted to several guys who weren't physically attractive because of they way they think. Smile is a big one, too. And singing. Competence. If they do something (interesting) and are exceptionally good at it. Like singing, guitar, a sport, writing, whatever. As long as it's interesting. I don't care if someone is ACE at flying a remote control helicopter...


Accepting you for who you are. Compassionate and a sense of humour is nice.


I think a man's best feature is his eyes.You can tell a lot about a person by looking into their eyes.


If we are talking physical feature then I agree its his eyes. Doesn't matter what colour - sincerity always shines through.


Definitely the eyes :)


I don't think you can always single out a feature - it's often something about the package, or charisma

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