Discussing :: What do you do to spice up your relationship/ bring back the passion?


What do you do to spice up your relationship/ bring back the passion?

looking for honest tips about how to bring the spice back into a relationship.

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hmmm... spice as it just in the bedroom or in every day... pinch you on the bum in public type spice?

If someone pinched me on the bum in public they might find themselves on the end of a reciprocal punch in the face in public.

Kidding, and more seriously, I've always found that how someone treats me throughout the day has more of an affect on how passionate I feel and act than planning sexual gymnastics before hand. So, yes, little touches, kind words and actions, courtesy and consideration go a lot further than a manual about how to spice up your relationship. For me, anyway.


yer i agree... but think its a bit of both... i deff think the kind words and little touches make it a holelot better... and make you want to jump in the bedroom... but i still think people can do with some bedroom spice up you life things sometimes too =) even just for fun learning =P


having a trademark something that only you two know....like Anna and DistractibleMe have stated maybe a hand gesture a little word, a note that you may each pop into a conversation when you are with others or some kind of accessory you have given your partner after a night of getting it on that they know only know the reference too.....those all work wonders....for the passion spice up your bedroom antics....don't just keep it in the bedroom...music speaks volumes too....

that trademark look, word or gesture gets me every time. My partner and I have little codes to use in the presence of other people and only a couple of times have we been asked what we're up to but I agree with everyone on the panel that it is the little things that matter and most of all the verbal enderments that gives you a quiet reassurance that the spark is well and truly alive!


DeeMar, I agree with you, having little things that only the two of you understand are great. I miss that part :)


My partner and I have been together for over four years. When we find that we are starting to take each other for granted and are arguing more than usual, one of us plans a date night. One of our favourite date night activites is to experience a movie in style by treating ourselves to Gold Class. When $ are short I make one of his favourite dishes which we enjoy with a nice bottle of wine and have a romantic night in. :-)

aww that sounds nice... it is good just to have some couples time i think... because lives can get so busy that you dont take time just to be together without all the worries of life...


Make date nights every 3 - 4 weeks where we do something we haven't tried before and end the date with a romantic dinner at home and cuddle on the couch until we fall asleep.


aww, that sounds so nice, Whitney! Welcome to Chelsey, Whitney & Kirsty :) We sometimes get takeaways after the kids are in bed & watch a movie or play a board game for some "us time" because finding babysitters can be much harder work than the fun of going out is.


Whatever you do, it has to come from the heart and you need to own it rather than just going through the motions.


I think trying to do 1 nice thing every day for the other person makes a huge difference - even something small like a compliment or make them a cup of tea or whatever - appreciating the other person & being appreciated at the same time.

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