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The Best Way To Drink Baileys!

I always find the best way to drink baileys is to put a double shot in a cocktail shaker (if you have one) with plenty of ice and milk. Then shake away till the ice is crushed, and pour into a tumbler with a few ice cubes in, and you get a lovely creamy and frothy drink. Mmmmm....... Perfect! If you want it stronger in alcohol you can add a shot of vodka and kahlua to make a Mudslide.


Sounds real nice! Baileys is also real nice put on top of vanilla (or any flavour) icecream with some roasted almonds, chocolate sprinkles, cream and strawberries! YUMMMMMMMMMMM I especially love making hot chocolates with it. Just make your regular hot chocolate and then add in some baileys and you're good to go! Best to have these sort of drinks after dinner though (maybe as a dessert) because the milk can sometimes make you feel full BEFORE dinner time ;).


Absolutely the best for me is over crushed ice - lots of Baileys !!!
I don't have it too often but it is an amazing treat when i do.

Shared with a friend on crushed ice is the grandest. I also have a recipe for a Baileys cheesecake for those special occasions.mmmm


With ice of course nothing else.
l guess the winners of the Bailey's giveaway could verify this lol.


My aunt died a year or two ago and upon cleaning out her house an unopened bottle of Baileys was found loitering at the back of the cupboard. Needless to say certain members of my family did not let the fact that the expiration date had passed about 9 years previously get in their way and decided to partake of it. All was good until they realised not only was it separating quite nicely, it seemed a little...frothy...Goes to show what one would do for a Baileys!

Hey, thanks so much for that. My bottle arrived today...Do you want the glasses it came with to remind you of your aunt? Or torment other members of your family...?


Try adding a shot of Baileys to your coffee.

It's also very good stirred into whipped cream to top your coffee or to go with desserts.



With a steady hand, keep your head bad so you don't sill a drop


Bailey's hot chocolate topped with whipped cream or marshmallows.


I can tell you the best way not to.... butting it with coke.... apparently the fizzyness makes is go all coagulated or what ever you call it.... but of course i had to try it out for myself :P

That. Looks. Disgusting. Did you drink it?

...lol...why the hell not....I have been in some marathon parties back in the day and when you are at a certain point during the night buggars will mix anything....so why not I say...now though I would just stick to the light side of drinks....hehehe

That's revolting. The milk has curdled to make instant cottage cheese!

lol i actually did try it... but i used a tea spood and go the liquid only with no lumps haha - the flavour was actually delicous!! maybe we just need to make the coke flat first or something!!


I drink it ontop of black sambucca in a short glass!

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