Discussing :: Thanks Mrs Claus: Chrissie presents - why are they nearly always the woman's job?


Thanks Mrs Claus: Chrissie presents - why are they nearly always the woman's job?

Are you the Santa Claus in your family? Is it up to you to not only choose, but to buy and wrap all the Christmas presents, not just for your own children, but for him, his family and your family too?

For many men, canoodling and confronting just doesn’t work. They may not even contribute financially to present buying. Although they may be moosh when it comes to little kids, many men simply seem to think presents are a waste of time and money, with most people getting things that the don’t want anyway.

Then there are men who do buy presents (just his family, never yours and often grossly unsuitable) but never think of buying wrapping paper or ribbon so you always end up doing this for them!

Why does this happen? Is it the way we bring up our sons? What about your Dad – does he get excited about Christmas shopping or leave it all to your Mum?

...and does your partner even come with you to buy Christmas presents or think this is a good excuse to wtch sport on tellie?

Is this 'problem' age-related with men getting lazier and lazier as they age - or vice-versa?


Due to multi-task ability, women know best & what is best!


My dad was Santa in my family!!! He loved it!

as a side note - the pressent i got for my partner this year just arrived, and it looks awesome - me to happy!! cant wait for christmas day!!!


I think for most women it is that need to see family happy and being in control of making sure it happens. I'm always so tempted to let my husband do the christmas shopping but i know he either won't care about the cost of things and we will be broke for a year or he'd just do his whole shop in just one store and grab the first thing he sees.

Yes, we do probably make much better choices than men as far as gifts go. But is how it should be? Why shouldn't men want to think about making people happy too.

Maybe when women were at home with more time on their hands, men paid for everything and gifts were simpler, this was fine. However, now most women with or without families work yet they still have to do this job... and they end up cooking Christmas dinner, writing the Christmas cards, coping with school holidays, packing and planning to go away, and looking after stray relatives too.

The more we treat our men as children and take responsibilty, the more they behave that way and expect things to be done for them. Don't you ever feel even slightly frustrated ?

i agree with that the more we treat our men as children statement!! I see it with my mum n dad... he dont do any washing, he doesnt do any dishes, vacuming, cooking... anything around the house. Granted he has always been the money earner, and he does the chritmas shopping.. but for the most of it... he doesnt help out around the house. They are hapy with it being that way.. and in there age group it is much more common for the man to do the work and woman to do the house work... but in this day and age.... woman in there jobs do just as much as men.. yet are still expected to run the household!! I make sure my man does his fair share! and dont let it slip because i can just see it all falling back as my job if i dont keep it up...


Time is going tooooo fast, before we know it we will be out buying christmas presents again! but yup i do the shopping for presents usaully unless its 4 our daughter, he deserves to have a say in that :)


Mrs Claus has always assumed responsibility for the gift buying in my household. I do think most women are better shoppers (apart from the "big stuff" who use lists, browse junk mail, consider the recipient's likes carefully, and of course they budget! Whilst it seems impractical to shop for Christmas months ahead, it is never impossible to open a special savings account for the purpose.


My partner doesn't mind shopping for gifts. In fact he prefers to shop for others than he does himself. His only downfall is he doesn't keep to any budget and ends up flat broke for weeks after xmas all in the spirit of keeping his family happy.


We both love finding the perfect present for the important people in our lives, often saving things up for Christmas from half way through the year because "it's perfect for them and I couldn't resist"

But I love wrapping. I love having a theme each year and seeing the finished pile with perfect corners, invisible tape, and the perfect ribbon to finish it off.

Everyone's different =)


got to say it is the same in my household, i always do all the thinking of what to get, go out and get it and wrap it, mind you i don't mind most of the time, as i feel its something i am good at, and i secretly enjoy it, sometimes it becomes a bit of a drag, especially when the crowds are out shopping, i am not one who enjoys that, but i try and do bits and pieces during the year to take the stress out of it all, yes we women are great at multi tasking, and i always say if you want a job done properly DO IT YOURSELF,never ask your mere male to do it for you .


Still the same in our household, I kind of love shopping for everyone though, (just take his wallet) hahah.


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