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Prenuptial agreements

Do you believe in a prenuptial agreement?
In a marriage one would expect a 50/50 partnership. It seems a long-term no commitment arrangement is doomed in a legal battle. Esp if it has ended badly.
The term 'Gold-digger' comes to mind, although the one who has 'assets' is wronged, who ever has moved on.
Whatever happened to 'friendly farewell'?


These days in some situations what you hear puts some off about having a relationship. The words trust, loyalty and respect seems short lived..... Too many burnt fingers, destroys faith


lol sadly with most people these days there is no friendly farewell.... my grandma died not long ago... and one of her kids was at her house before her body was cold, collecting all the stuff of hers that she wanted.... its just a fact of life... and so if you have a lot more going into the relationship that the other person... then it is important to look after yourself...

that is what happened with my grandma my aunties and uncles went to the house to collect everything before my mum turned up to sort through everything as my nan had instructed before she passed my mum was totally PO'ed but just let it happen because they were just material things, however with family photos etc, she put her foot down as most of the family photos were taken by her its sad but true Anna peoples true colours come out at unreal times


Also know of some terrible stories of greed once a family member died. Some people are very heartless and cruel when it comes to money and possessions. So if someone wanted to enter a marriage with a prenuptial agreement I wouldn't blame them. When I got married we both didn't have much so it's been a journey together to create our joint wealth (still not that much) but we still trust each other completely where money is concerned. For some people though Love is blind and there are plenty that get ripped off once their relationship turns sour. It sometimes becomes a tool to hurt each other with


Similar situation for me. We didn't have much (though he had a $20,000 school loan that we paid off while we were together...) so when we split it was close to 50/50. Neither of us wanted to fight, or pay a lawyer (we still didn't have THAT much) so I took money and he took everything else (car, motorbike, apartment, everything in it...).

In retrospect he got a much better deal than I did, but it wasn't worth fighting over. It was still just money and stuff.

And losing that wasn't nearly as sad as losing our hopes and dreams that we had for the relationship when it first began.


I know that no one goes into a marriage expecting it to end in divorce but lets face it.... it happens!! I think re-nups should be compulsory and then everyone would know where they stand and no one gets ripped off.


I hope that big Wednesday winner got a pre nup before he got married this year!!!


Go the pre-nip - a third of marriages end in divorce!!


Yes I think its a great idea and stops so much bitterness over who gets what!


It seems so pessimistic going into a marriage to sign a pre-nup forseeing the ending of the relationship. It should be the happiest and most optimistic time of your life. I'd never sign one but I guess when you look at the divorce stats it makes sense for a lot of people.

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