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Names for Kates and Wills Baby?

This was posted in Frank but thought it would be just as interesting here.... Well with the news that Kate is preggers, with possibly two royals I was having a chat with a girlfriend at possible baby names of course their is the standard Charles, James, Louis, Henry or Elizabeth if it's a girl and then we thought perhaps they may name the baby after Princess Diana if it's a girl. So I had to go into work today to pick up some reports and asked a few of the guys their and some of the names were ideal and some were really out there here are some of their suggestions Good Richard Henry William John Diana Olivia Victoria Elizabeth Interesting Names Tulip Lucky Silver (with spoon for the middle name) Apple Lucifer Manu or Jamima (Play school theme here) Honey Boo Boo Hone Oxwana Susan Boyle Some of them were really funny and others I couldn't not here because they were just to wrong, but you can see the sense of humour of some of my work mates, so was wondering if you have any interesting suggestions for baby names?

Lucifer - haha.


Bruce or Peaches B1 & B2 have been a ring to it......


I'm pretty old fashioned here and I'm sure it will be a traditional name which in my mind, is how it should be. There's something special in having a name passed down through a family - havng a conscious reminder that you belong as part of a line. Of course there's nothing intrinsically wrong with a whimsical name or any name provided it's not evil. However, so many kids have such awful, fad names today and you can't help but wonder if the parents are thinking only of themselves and didn't give a hoot how this will affect their child. Chidlren want to fit in. Surely, there are enough things kids can find to be mean about without giving your child a stupid or 'double entendre' name. Several of my more academic friends have named their babies after fantasy characters in literary novels. To 99% of the English speaking population, these pretentious names have no meaning whatsoever and sound totally ridiculous. I guarantee ther children will be mocked and derided at some stage of their lives. They say pain makes you stronger but does anyone really wnat this for thier chidlren?


lol this just reminds me that a friend of mine and i were looking at this the other day http://www.kidspot.com.au/MySpot-celebrity-Celebrity-baby-names-top-20-the-crazy-list+3090+175+article.htm The craziest celebrity names... i mean the kid is going to struggle enough being of famous parents! it doesnt need a crazy name!!

...yeah some celebrity kids the poor things have been given bizarre names....you have to wonder what the parents were thinking....

I know.. and it makes 'normal' people think its ok to name there kids things like that!!


I think Diana for a girl or Spencer for a boy. It would be a nice tribute to Princess Diana.

That's a nice idea. I don't know if 'royals' name after people who died so recently, but I think it's a great idea. :)

I'm not so keen. There was a fair amount of controversy about Diana and I am sure this would serve more as a painful reminder to many of the royals. One gets the feeling that it may be time to look at the present and future and not to dwell on the recent unhappy past.

On the other hand, I think 'Diana' might work well as a middle name if this is a wee girl.

Yeah, that would be a lovely thing to do Animal Lover. Good call :)


jack or toby for a boy, petra or shirley for a girl


Harry would call them... 'Denise or De-nephew'...... lol


Have to be a royal name like Henry !


Call him Harry as it's probably his. Haha. I reckon he'll come out a Ginga!!!Lmao.


How about Chelsey or Frank???


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