Discussing :: long distance relationship, Isn't really work?


long distance relationship, Isn't really work?

I have a long distance relation with my boyfriend.. Isn't really work?


long distance relationship


Any long distance relationship is hard work and takes the maximum amount of trust, BUT if it is real love, its worth every minute!!!


I didn't really find it more work than other relationships but is certainly different (and more expensive! ) and is a fantastic part of our history : )


if your lives are taking you in different directions you really need to assess whether it's worth a long distance relationship or whether you are holding on to something that just isn't going to work out...


If you want it to work, you both need to put in a bit of effort and be trusting of each other, this is where great communication comes into play....it can work but needs work basically and if you want it to work then you would find any means necessary in order for it too


you can do it... but it does take a lot of work and a lot of trust. Luckily it is easier these days with the use of skype and viber and such so you can still talk and see each other every day without costing the earth! But doing this does take a lot more time than a normal relationship...

that's it exactly right you have to weigh up whether it is better to try and maintain a long term relationship, or part ways, because in a sense it is not a normal relationship if you are willing to put in the effort mutually then go for it but if there are any doubts problems can arise


Very very hard unless you trust each other and can cope without seeing each other all the time, it will either bust you up or make you stronger


I agree with vee, it's only as hard as you make it. If there's true love and trust your fine and it builds the intensity when you're back in each others arms.


They can work, time, trust and love will get you through.


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