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Lessons from Romantic Movies

It used to be books and magazines, then television, movies and the internet. Where do we get all our ideas and expectations about romantic relationships and what is acceptable or not in the bedroom? Is this something that is media driven?

What do you think has been the greatest influence on your romantic expectations?


I was just about to change this topic heading when somehow I posted so please forgive the not entirely relevant heading.


Live for each...other...




Disney has given me unrealistic expectations about relationships.

And hair.


i think we probably start off in relationships expecting 'mr right' and to be swept off our feet but I think (hope) that we realise soon on that good relationships are hard work and it's about finding the person that make's all that hard work worthwhile.


You have to ask yourself, does the girl get a Man or a Mouse in chick flicks.
Do they always live happily ever after, do we need plenty of funny bits to keep us awake (dirty or clean)?
Spending time drinking Baileys on the rocks, eating chocolate with ones partner could be the best part of watching these movies and with a bit of luck may rekindle the old spark.
Gosh the things a bloke has to do to get lucky, lol.


Romantic movies are nothing like real life, sure they stir up emotions especially in woman but remember it’s only a movie.
Myself I need comedy in a romantic movie or l start to nod off.


....that part where Tom Cruise says "you complete me" to Renee Zellweger....in Jerry Mcguire actually cracks me up instead of what it is intended to do....I can't help it I find it really cheesy.....


A week in Paris will rejuvenate any romance, the right place at the right time, with the right person - its just a fabulous place to visit with the one you love


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