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Kids.......Memorable Moments!

Kids they make us Mad,Laugh,Cry Scream but it's those priceless moments with some of the stuff they do or say that we remember forever.Here are some of my favourites What's yours? My daughter a couple of years ago left a note for the tooth fairy under her pillow....it read... Dear Tooth Fairy if you don't leave $20 I know your not real... Then when she was 18 months old we went to stay with my parents in the UK.Her cot was in my parents bedroom by some draws for some reason she like taking her nappy off and playing with contents. I had put her down for a Nap my Mum had gone to check on her the next moment I heard the loudest scream me and Dad went flying up the stairs to find my parents draws opened daughters nappy off and my Mum's false teeth laying in the middle of the nappy that was full of Poo.....and my Dad turns round and says I didn't know your Mother had false teeth...priceless


Where do they pick things up.... My partner had had a really bad day at work and was feeling really down yet whilst taking a bath with our 18 month toddler she started saying 'its alright, its alright' over and over again. I have never heard her say it before nor can understand where she got it, but I am very grateful as my partner came out of the bath like a weight had been taken off his shoulders. They really do remind you what its all about and I feel for those who can't have or are struggling to have children xx


I got about 6 inches cut off my hair the other day I was wondering how short it was going to be once I washed it as it's naturally curly and the hairdresser had straightened it. My 4 year old niece said 'don't worry aunty, it'll grow back' followed by 'it will, won't it?' cuteness :O)


I work in daycare where there are NO SECRETS! One of our children told us 'daddy slept on the couch last night cos he had too many wines'. They seperated shortly after. Not to mention the child whose father had 'the snip' as well all got told details of that... - like I say NO secrets!

Interesting... and a little concerning...


Yes, can definitely relate to this, after also working in daycare. but I am also aware kids make up stories, contrary to the popular belief that under 5's don't have the capacity to lie. I had one little girl convince me that they had been to a pet shop, bought a dog, bathed it and walked it to daycare everyday until I asked Mum, who confirmed it was just make believe. A classic kids say the darnest thing was when our friend came back from watching a bungy jump and his 3 year old had said, "Lucky he's got that rope tied to his feet" Cute! Our 2 year old says some really grown up things. When we picked his cousin up he said to him "How's your day been?"


Ha ha! We had one of our kids tell us their dad had died and they were getting a new one. We hadnt seen dad for a while, but after tentatively approaching mum found out dad was alive and well, just busy!


We used to have morning mat times where the kids could share news. It happened to be my turn to take it when one of the boys proudly shared his Dad was going to move to a different house and he was really happy about that. None of us teachers knew, and I was left somewhat speechless. Definitely a job where no two days are the same!


Kids...they are the best thing going around. And as small as they are, they share your joys, sorrows and moods as well.


My youngest brother feels that he must share everything with everyone, whether it was the fact he stood in dog poo while walking onto the rugby grounds or that I explained LGBT issues to him using my collection of Transformers figurines. My other younger brother has a tendency to believe anything that my dad says. Such as the time my dad returned home from eye surgery and told my brother that his eye would be being removed and that he could take the eye to school to show his friends. He was pretty upset when that wasn't the case. And then there was the time when my sisters refused to eat chocolate mudcake for several years because they believed it did contain actual mud in it.


Haha, I love hearing about the funny things that kids say, before they have developed a filter and know what is and isn't ppropriate to tell everyone.


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