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wow really I'm starting to feel old now with 3 of them ! 13,5, and 6 mths ! what do u love the most about your kids?


i have to love their naughtiness, loudness, mess, hungry tummies all the time, fighting, crying, etc, etc...or otherwise, i will go insane! after a busy day, i love kissing them goodnight at night and thank God that they all had a safe and good day.


I love watching them being natural when they don't know you're looking at them - they are so free and joyful and curious and pure.


when they discover something new - which seems to be everyday and then they are proud of themselves - special moments


...I love being able to have a laugh with my kids.They both are so different in their personalities that it's such fun having different types of humour.I love it when they play well together.Example being now I am looking out of the window and they are up in their tree house, they look like a couple of Orangoutangs (hehehe).They are what keeps me going every day.


I love everything about my kids. They still fill me with joy and wonder even though they are no longer little toddlers. I even had a dream the other night that took me back; they were exactly as if they were little again - about three and five and cute as little buttons. It was magic! However, I feel so privileged that they have grown into such lovely people now. I remember my Dad telling me about going out with his Dad and being introduced as "This is my little one". He was in his sixties at the time! I feel really sorry for young Mums who have to work long hours when their children are little and leave them in in someone else's care. I wouldn't have given this time with my children up for anything though I do know some Mums just have to. I was lucky. Like they say in the song "The Summer of 69" - those were the best days of my life!


No matter what they are my kids.I guess being a Mum neans you have a special link with them to help them on in the world.It seems natural to worry,get angry and feel happy and even back them when the chips are down.each stage of their growing up seems to be one that takes them away from us as the become independent .You wil always be their Mum no matter how old they are .Its a special gift .


check out www.4kidswaikato.co.nz it has fantastic articles in there for parents and caregivers. It also has lots of other cool stuff including competitions.


Have to the best things ever! Cant wait to have our little squad of kids!


KIDS... they give me stress, but they give unstress me more... love them, and can't live without them... their smiles make my heart melt even on hard days... we have all been kids once anyways.... and it is true that the kid in us, never die... Im glad I have kids... Cheers!


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