Discussing :: "It's not you, it's me." Breaking up.


"It's not you, it's me." Breaking up.

Most of us break up with one or more partners over our life-times. I’m just wondering how many breakups are really mutual - if more men break up with women than women with men. I doubt many people have only been on one side of the equation but what’s your experience? What’ do you think is the cruellest way to dump or be dumped? What’s the kindest way to dump or be dumped? Why aren’t there some simple rules to follow so people know what to do? Any ideas? ...Perhaps the boys from Frank could join in here too!


Normally this applies when the 'ex' has found another....... The next statement would be.. 'We'll still remain friends'..... sure... (knife in the back) ..


by txt... or anything computerized is mean!! or even phone call.... should be done in person... with a proper explaination... although that is really hard.... The worst experience was a friend who dumped a guy by txt and then hid... she was hiding at my hous eand he guess that and came looking for her in tears and everything.. and i had to lie saying she wasnt there... it was horrible!! and i think ive dumped more than been dumped... but i have to say its not the greatest being on either side!!


Don't be sneaky & gutless by sending a text, have the guts/balls to break up with someone Face to Face. Time to grow up a little you owe them that much, and to be honest you have to ask yourself "How would l like to be treated?" After the deed is done, Then Get Drunk


I think thats the worse excuse to give someone when you are breaking up with them. You should just be honest and never dump them through a text message, talk to them face to face.


How about for someone to suddenly stop communicating with you with no explanation at all...? I thinks that's a rather bad way to end something. Personally I prefer to remain single, no issues that way... I haven't really been in a relationship with anyone at all.


It takes work to remain in a relationship. The reasons may vary wether to stay or to go,.. as everybody is different. But today things dissolve within a whim.


If a relationship is not going places it may already be doomed. Don't stay because you think there is no way out. Break ups should be done face to face in a calm non-alcoholic environment. Hopefully you have tried to resolve any issues long before it comes to this. Best to part a relationship with a clear conscious and not because you really fancied someone else or cheated on the sly (remember what comes around….). Parting company in an adult friendly manner may be of benefit in the future to both parties as long as you haven’t gone an blabbed about some dark secret or back-stabbed your ex in some other way. They may become your true friend and we all need them. Keep the doors open.


Thanks OneEyed - great advice. I seem to be at a turning point in my life right now and seriously contemplating breaking up with partner of almost 12 years. No otehr parties or anything, I think we have just grown apart and have very little in common now. The only thing that has stopped me so far has been the effect it will have on our son.

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