Discussing :: Is it "bad" to want space and what does space mean?


Its not at all bad wanting space. I guess sometimes, we get so caught up looking after the house, the kids, the hubby etc etc that we do lose that time for ourselves. Other mums will definitely get it, you do in a sense lose who you are when you create a family. It really helps, doing/planning something just for yourself, eg studying? taking a night class? You really need to remove yourself from the household situation and catch up with friends, go for a walk, go to a movie, and just be in your own head space for a short time.


Yes it gets a little tiring when everyone wants a piece of you all the time but I also would hate it if I wasn't included. I sometimes see couples living almost seperate lives, often holidaying seperately. My man does go off fishing with his mates but usually we try to spend as much time together as possible. I used to go out to the garden to get away from everyone but now the neighbours kids come and play 101 questions with me.


Being able to be happy in your own company is a really positive thing. Space could be just taking yourself to the end of the garden...


Yes we need timeout for ourselves but if someone said they needed space i would think that means they want a break from their situation. They must be feeling smothered or something to feel that way. We all like timeout for a drink or holiday etc but if my partner told me he wanted space i would think something was up. Space is like an opening to other things.


Having time alone is a good thing and is needed but something you should try to do is find hobbies or activities that you can do as a group . find out what your common interests are so you are all doing something you enjoy.


Space is vital but those who don't understand will never "get" it. Space can be just a private area in the house for some or "getting away" with some friends for others.


I think it's perfectly natural to want to reconnect with yourself. We all need some 'me' time and even if it's just listening to some great music we love while ferrying the kids around, having a girly 'spa' session as play with your kids or getting some exercise alone when we can fit it in - it's so important.

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