Discussing :: Is it "bad" to want space and what does space mean?


Is it "bad" to want space and what does space mean?

I love my husband and I love my kids (in a totally different and heartfelt way to anything else), I love my friends and I love my parents, I also love my life. BUT where am I? Sometimes I get vertigo and I miss that ruthless individual I used to be before all these commitments. Do I just miss this yesteryear me because she is snatched away so often from under my nose.....


It's always good to have some time to yourself...


No you need your own space to clear you head. I love going for walks and I feel great afterwards


Everyone needs time to sort out what is going on with them Its not a bad thing


i think i know what you mean. but we all move forward and what we were yesterday is not anymore we now because of the path we chose to take. i miss the old me too because of all the good things that surrounded me -- career, socials, freedom, etc -- Love the now and you'll create a new chapter in your life that is far better than the 1st one. Good luck!


No not at all, we all need some space. I think everyone needs a bit of "me" time doing something relaxing and something for themselves even if it's little things like taking a long bath with aromatics candles, a new haircut or a massage, a quiet coffee by your window, listening to your favourite music, or taking some time off to read a book or magazine that you love, going for a walk or pursuing a hobby you have always wanted to do. It could be something big or small, but anything you love to do, that gets you going and helps recharge your batteries. I know it's really hard not to feel guilty when you take some time out for yourself, but a happier you means a happier mom, daughter and wife. I think doing so, will also give you some much needed space and time to yourself. Also, sometimes I have found when I look back at my former life, it seems more rosy than it actually was. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side :)


No it's not bad to want space!!! I was a single mum for 5 years and loved my independence and then all of a sudden once my fiancee and I moved in together and basically took over everything and left me feel a little worthless and with no independence to do what I wanted anymore....until I explained the situation and how hard the change was - having our own lives as well as one together is so so important!!


No it's not bad to want space, I need it regularly to clear my head and thoughts, then I'm a much nicer person to be around, otherwise I get grumpy and short with all those I love around me, so space for me is a good thing, sometimes it could be a walk, or something crafty as long as I'm by myself at the time, usually 2-3 times per week for bout an hour each time is enough to charge my batteries.


Its not bad to want space, every body needs time on thier own once in a while to focus on themselves and just relax and take a break from family and everybody else


I grew up as an only child so am used to time alone... i also work with 50-80 children and all the parents to go with it every day so i find i do need time out just for me, even if its just half an hour of peace before my fiancee comes home for the day ~ i find it makes me appreciate him and the time spent with him when i get time to myself to ~ it all comes down to balance i think :)

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