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Ideas for a cheap and casual wedding day

My partner and I are getting married in 9 weeks - it was a very spur of the moment decision made recently after my partners twin brother commited suicide, and my partner was admitted to hospital for a week the day after the funeral. We are rather cash poor, the orignal plan was to keep it a secret, invite friends and family to our sons 10th birthday and casually come out with a celebrant and surprise everyone, unfortunately a loose-lipped family member spilled the beans and now everyone knows. Does any Chelsea reader have ideas on dress, flowers etc on the cheap? We are hoping to have the ceremony on Bastion Point, and were planning to have a hanig, lamb on the spit or similar at the family home after. My adult daughter now tell me I need a proper bridal party, dress etc...thats not really me but I do want to keep everyone happy.....

Its your day, and it should be what you want. I understand the trouble of trying to keep people happy, but when it comes down to it, its the one day that is meant to be soely about you! so dont compromise too much!


It's your day, therefore your way! Pity it wasn't held in 4 weeks, Xmas Day combo... The 'lamb-spit' would be a nice treat, & keep things simple, equals less stress/mess and less things to go wrong ..... topsy-turvy. Best of luck.


Do what you want to do and what is in your budget after all it is your special day and not your daughters, if you need more funds try having a sale of some sort you may have items you want to get rid of and so you may make some money or come up with a quirky idea that involves the people attending...like if it is going to be really informal and you are not worried about prezzies ask them to bring a long a hot or cold dish instead, if you need photographer or videographer look at your local education providers their might be students their who require extra credit or something and so may do your wedding at a low cost, you should also look at the salvo's or some other retro stores for a wedding type dress and then adjust it to suit or perhaps even consider renting one or get the dress from the salvos and rent all your accessories to go with it i.e. shoes, jewellery etc and the $2 dollar shop has a wonderful array of artsy craft items that can be changed into wonderful wedding pieces on the cheap I have done that before for a friends hen party to deocrate a room she had reserved to hold the main part of the night with 20 friends and they all loved it and she was shocked to hear that decorating the whole room only cost $50 and a lot of imagination and glue lol so jot down ideas and possibilities and go from there.....good luck for your special day


Go camping. It's unique, it's cheap ........ great theme ?


If all has gone to plan, it's only two weeks to your wedding so a bit late for advice. However, it's a celebration of love and commitment above all and the rest is just trimming. No matter what you do, if you have the people you want with you, I'm sure you will have a wonderful, memorable day. Best of luck !


Some really excellent advice about wedding budgeting - "50 Cheap Wedding Tips" - can be found at: http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/family/cheaper-weddings


A nice beach is always a lovely option


Register Office and two witnesses purloined from the street should be just the ticket.


Beach wedding in summer with everyone bringing a plate instead of a gift is an awesome and cheap, relaxed way to go :)


Las Vegas drive-in.


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