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How to keep the love alive......

After being married almost 7 years, two little children that don't sleep through the night, how does one keep the love alive and vibrant? I try all the things I can imagine, but find that sleep is calling more than the fun love making of the past. Any ideas for renewal of fun in the sack?

For me, my marriage is more of a friendship than a romantic relationship. I prefer it that way, as romance is very fleeting.


I think arranging for the children to stay at the Grandparents house. Plan a romantic meal, quiet music and then some cuddle time is a great idea. Arrange you and me time once a week to keep you close.


Oh gosh, when our son came along our love life took a steep dive. We were not prepared for that. Ended up affecting our entire relationship until it was pointed out to us (by a wonderful friend who unfortunately left it too late to save her marriage) that our life did not need to revolve around being parents. We were lovers before he came along and we should still be as in love, if not more. That our son would not suffer if he was regularly left with a sitter so we could have 'dates', that he would suffer more if he just kept on as we were going. Just having a few hours every fortnight to go out to eat, out for a walk, to the movies, etc has made the world of difference.


Having journeyed through life with someone, supporting each other through its many ups and downs, will bring a brand of love that is like no other. This keeps it alive for me.


Those who play together stay together :) there is always time... or you can make time at some point in the week to spend some time together...


I found when my kids were little, it was the same. It became all about them and my man was happy to go out alone. I also became quite uptight and motherly. At the time I didn't realise it of course, but now I can see how I changed. Easier now kids are older but I am way more focused on my relationship and make sure I look and feel sexy....makes it easier to feel desirable. We also talk openly about what we want and I have dropped the walls I was building with my hangups.


Love goes on in the head. You don't need sex to have love just like you don't need love to have sex. Siimilarly , whether you have ten kids screaming they don't like what your feeding them just your partner sitting across a candle lit table, romance is about how you treat your partner. It can be as simple as a loving look across the table, a message stuck to the mirror, or even the brush of a hand against yours. It's not what's going on all around you, but how you see it and respond to it.

Too true,.... a great response Wice


Surprise each other with love notes, plan date nights and never ever let things get stale. :)


Love has to be worked at on a daily basis. It is so easy to get into a rut and take the other person for granted. No of us knows which day will be our last and it would be awful to have regrets so do something nice for you partner each day but it must be a two way street.


Child free time together is so important...though when my husband and I go out for lunch, we seem to spend the time reading magazines or the newspaper (loving the quiet!). Perhaps a weekend away on your own (if possible), may help? We are not the most romantic couple (ie no flowers, love notes or gifts etc)...but we do have a good laugh together, have a lot in common and are loyal to each other...seems to work for us.

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