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Great relationships - couples vs married couples

You often hear of couples who have been seemingly 'blissfully happy only to ' find their relationship goes to pot relatively quickly when they take the plunge and get married. It would almost appear that couples put up a pretense of who they really are while single; or is it that we disregard our single partners flaws until we realise that we are stuck with them and they are not going to change?

What are your thoughts?
Do you think peoples behaviour changes when they marry or it it just internal perceptions that change?


I hope they dont change - I am getting married in 4 weeks time to my partner of 13 years - it was a very spur of the moment decision on my part brought about by the suicide of my partners twin brother, and my partners hospitilsation the day after the funeral for a serious liver problem. Saying yes after him asking me almost daily for years seemed right at the time, I really dont think it will change anything


I'm not married but have been with my partner for a number of years and my parents have been happily married for 55 years and his parents for 60 years and they both seem to be very happy together, but they all have said it comes down to compromise, communication and a good laugh and the rest will just fall into place, so if they are any examples then great relationships can happen but I also think that you have to always keep working on a relationship and don't do anything just keep reminding that special one how special you thing they are


Ive been with my partner 8 years... and i cant imagine it changing when we get married... i think alot of people who it does change for it prob because they didnt know each other well enough in the first place... they were still is the blissfully unaware stage of their relationship...


Taken for granted is a problem either way,..... after the chase, the magic, lust, desire etc/.//.... being as one is what counts!


I think that's perhaps because once people are married it's easy for them to think they can stop trying, take the other person for granted, get stuck in ways. Relationships take work, changes in each others circumstances can change the dynamics of a relationship and I think marriage is just another circumstance.


I have never married but being in a relationship takes the same committment as a married couple without the marriage certificate, but it takes the same amount of work from both couples to keep the relationship alive, continue with communication and time for each other. Couples become complacent in every day circumstances and this is why it falls apart.


Marriage takes it to another level and strengthens the bond.


As long as you are both happy, in love and trust one another, that is the strongest bond xx


I would say that if your relationship had been going for a decent period of time- like a few years at least, then officially being married could be the right thing to help you mentally settle down. As we know however, many marriages do end up breaking up though. You just have to do the best from your side.

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