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Getting to me. Getting to you. How do we do it?

I’m always hearing how difficult it is to meet people of the opposite sex. The strange thing is, more people there are, the bigger the city, the harder this seems to become.

New ways of meeting have popped up and among the most popular in the last decades have been speed dating and ‘tables of eight’’; however, I haven’t heard anything much about these in recent times.

So first, I took a look on the web. I found that it is now possible to ‘speed date’ online, chatting within minutes to a potential date.

“Meet local singles on the world's first online speed dating site...connect with other singles in your area. We allow singles to go on multiple live 5-minute online dates from the comfort of home using instant messaging, webcam video chat, and live audio. Unlike other dating personals services, it takes only a minute to sign up for SpeedDate™. After you sign up, you can immediately begin live online dating and meet up to 15 other singles per hour. Sign up for free and start meeting people right now.

A quick search of NZ sites showed there is also a wide selection of live speed dating services available up and down the country where people can get together.
However, ‘tables of eight’ was almost non-existent. For those unfamiliar with this concept, groups of singles are hosted for dinner in tables of eight people, with a view to a civilized evening where they get to know each other over dinner with a view to future dating.

Have any Chelsey readers ever tried either of these services? What was your experience? Would you like to give it a go? Has anyone else go any knowledge of similar types of dating services that people might try?


i havnt personally done it but one of my mums friends has done it a few times... she has found guys through it and gone on a few dates.... and im pretty sure she has actually done the table of eight one... unless thats what my mum just calls it! i dunno... but so far she hasnt found 'the one' through doing it... but she has deff had some fun!!


My sister has done both online dating and speed dating. I could not do something like that! Its just a bit weird for me :s

To be honest, if i see a person that appeals?? id just go talk to him and see where it goes!! Isn't that how your suppose to meet people? or friends of friends...work....etc etc.

I can see how online dating can have good outcomes, but its not something i would consider - definitely not at this stage anyway!!

Another cool way is through clubs - cause youll meet people with the same interests :)

I may be wrong...but I think online dating sites you can put your height/weight..eye colour and stuff like that! Like there is soooo many details that you can become too picky - its like choosing your 'perfect partner' but really it just seems ridiculous cause in the end...height...hair colour..eye colour really shouldn't matter. Well it wouldn't for me anyways! Meeting someone online and having a coffee would be waaaaaay too awkward - you don't know who they are and who knows there stuff online could be false :s


I have no idea what I would do if I was single again and wanted to meet people of the opposite sex. I don't think I would try on line dating. I'd much rather meet someone face to face from the start. I already belong to quite a few clubs - flim, photography, book, etc. - and I certainly haven't seen anyone at an of these I fancy.

I thought tables of eight or speed dating mightd be fun and at least you're not stuck with one person - more like a multi-date, Would be fun to go with a girl friend and you could compare notes afterwards! Those days are gone for me but I do have quite a few single friends whom I know have trouble meeting new people of the opposite sex. The older they get, the harder it seems to be as well!

I's rather meet someone face to face also. Not sure it's working at the moment though. Not that I'm actively looking, by a long shot.


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happy wheels


i have tried online dating a while now and it never works out...i have found that so many people in this sites are fakers..nothing real about them.
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