Discussing :: Does your man help around the Home


We both share duties - that way it's fair.


hi guys/gals,
i am 1 of those males, that big spenda talks about. i dont mind putting the effort in to help with the house chores, as i believe, that gone of the days, of the female gender having to do all the housework......we all make the mess, so lets all pitch in, and as they say, many hands make light work. quite often, i'll tell her to put her feet up, and watch a fav show....shortland st of course, while the kids and i will do dishes, or clean up rooms, or put the washing on etc etc. as they also say.....happy wife.....happy life lol and it works


I am very fortunate with my man, when we first met he said cleaning the oven is a man's job & 15 years on he still does it.
He also cleans the windows and appears to enjoy that too, experimenting with different solutions (last week he had a mix of meths?)
He doesn't do 'kitchen' though, he leaves the cooking to me oh & he hates the vacuum.
All in all we work quite well together, just an aging dream team really.


My man does lawns, toilet, empties vacum cleaner. Never does dusting but can sit for hours watching horse racing or cricket. Bah humbug.


we kind of have a our set roles in our household, he does the lawns ,rubbish ,wash the car, maintains the house, i do the cooking, cleaning,washing etc etc, but he loads the dishwasher, will help hang washing out,and bits and bobs, but as for cleaning toilets , nope that has never happened, he did do the shower once when i had to be away for four months looking after my dad, so there is hope, but i am happy the way things are, i know if i ask him he will help out and i quite enjoy my role in the household as it is


We try to split things evenly but tend to stick to the things we're good at. (Me cooking...him housework!)


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