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Kudos to my man!!! Been down with a terrible flu and he is my dose of medicine, still got antibiotics to take. He cooked, cleaned, took care of the kids and gave me massages. His weekend was purely husband duties and i really appreciate and thank him for all his efforts.


He'd better or he will be in the dog house for sure!!!!


I dont mind lending a hand in the kitchen, cleaning up with the vacum, bathroom cleaning & washing up - quite handy I am


Once all the kids had left home and I, too, was working full time, we instituted the habit of us taking turns, cooking dinner on alternate days.(the non-cook does the clearing up) This was inspired by seeing how helpless my Father was after my Mother ( a woman who never let anyone else into the kitchen) had died. At first we had some somewhat odd meals as he struggled with my non-meat eating but has now built up a good repertoire and has even been known to trawl the internet for ideas. In addition, in our retirement years, he has become a discriminating food shopper and frequently heads to the supermarket on his own. Such peace of mind to know that he will be able to cope well should there be any dire emergencies. At 80 we need to be well prepared!


My other half does the mowing and sometimes helps with washing. Would be nice if he helped some more, though... :)


My lovely husband of 38 years is Awesome he does the dishes, vaccuuming , empty's the rubbish and puts it out on collection day. Washes the floor ,
Love this man :)


Yeap he does, sometimes with a push but yeah!! lol


My man helps with a LOT of persuasion - he HAS to clean the toilet and cat's litter tray. But I always end up doing vacuming and dusting


I don't have one at the present time. The man I do meet will have no choice, but to chip in and do his share too...:)


We are pretty lucky, my husband does a lot around the house, we believe its so important for our 3 year old daughter to see him role modelling being involved. Im a SAHM, but having him active around the house is setting the right example for her to follow when she is older.

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