Discussing :: Does your man help around the Home


We have had our moments while Ive done everything but he now knows how I feel an he will often pitch in. Will do alot when he get home from work an on the weekends. He can also cook so if Ive had a bad day or unwell he will often cook dinner. A relationship is all about give an take.


I love it when my partner cooks a hearty stew!


Absolutely. He shows love and appreciation to me by helping with all the chores. We are a team. He is a great cook as well, and I have actually learnt heaps of tricks and meals from him.


I'm very lucky to say that my husband is great around the house. He helps me with any cleaning, will cook dinner as well as do the washing - with a 2week old baby this has been the biggest support & its great knowing I don't have to do it all by myself!


Yes, he does dishes, cooks meals, does washing and hangs it out, vacuums, cleans the oven and even the toilet on occasion. The only thing he doesn't ever do is make our bed!


I don't have one of them anymore...sometimes you are better off without them!...lol...:)


Yes I get plenty of help - but no man does housework duties up to my standards. Men are not good at cleaning toilets or hand basins.


It seems that most of the mess in the house (and outside it) is invisible to mr. man. He cleans up after tea and is in charge of the dishwasher, feeding the cats and helps with housework on the weekend but the washing would never get done and the house would accumulate junk if I didn't do it. Better than most men I know though so I'm lucky.


What's that? I havn't got one of them anymore...sometimes it is so much better doing it on your own! :)


I'm single now, however, my ex use to help out with everything, we both worked so we both cleaned and cooked as well. I reckon both should help inside and out


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