Discussing :: Does your man help around the Home


I always help out around the house. I vaccum, do washing, cook, do dishes, the lawns, clean the shower and more


my man will if asked, but in general he needs some prompting, or nagging as he would put it, however he is a jack of all trades, i call him my mcgyver,he can fix almost anything, so i cannot complain, he will cook a meal if asked, but i could count on my one hand probably the times he has over the last 21 years, however housework he will do reluctantly, but clean the toilet, never happened and i dont think it is likely too.


My hubby usually does the washing and folds it and puts it away and vaccuming


I wash all the dishes and help out with the vacuuming occasionally. I would do some cooking, but that's Mum's department and I'm told to stay away...


Mym man does everything I ask him to but would never volunteer.


My partner sometimes surprises me with housework he does. He would do any housework, if I ask him to, but does usually have to be asked. But just every now and then I get a lovely surprise!! I think I'm very lucky!


I can't tell you how much it means to me to get home from work and have a beautifully cooked meal waiting . He is a great cook and makes the most delicious meals for us...he is Great. He is a true Gem


my man doesn't do much.. he may make 1 meal every 2 months and the lawns can't be done because he broke it the last time he used it


my partner helps in many ways, cooking, cleaning, doing the ironing (some days not so well!), I even sometimes let him do the grocery shopping


my man helps me all the time I ask him to & even without asking, also he cooks at least twice a week!!;)


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