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Just need to find ways to split the chores between the two people, and perhaps do some of the 'fun' ones together. Cooking, for example, can be a great way to bond as a couple.

yer we did used to do this!! and it was always fun... haha but now the kicthen is all mine :P We do generally do like a big clean up each sat morn together though,... so its clean to enjoy the weekend!! Put on some music and sing along haha then cleaning isnt soooo bad!!


I work full-time..two jobs and now do alot of overtime. My partner has gone back to uni to do a four year engineering degree and works part-time. I used to do the majority of housework and cook meals and his jobs were the washing and rubbish. It got to a point where everything was just too much. We both have active lifestyles and I'm quite social and we were barely having time to spend with each-other.

I came home one day and dishes were piled high and the house was a mess...I just looked at him and said we're getting a cleaner. i think he saw the fury in my eyes and then agreed.

It has been such a relief and I don't know why we didn't do it earlier. We only have her once a fortnight, but we have gained more time to spend with each-other which is awesome. The cost isn't too bad either.
Every now and again I would nag him about cleaning and sometimes an argument would result. So now I can say that our relationship has improved more...and I don't want to be that naggy person..


I think that over the years the dynamics re housework can change radically. If you are both reasonable people who care about each other, then it just seems to flow that if a job needs to be done and you can do it, you do it and not ask or expect your parttner to do it. The problem arises when resentment sets in where one person has more leisure time than the other, or expects the other to clean up after them like a parent or maid. If feel you are in this situation, then talk about it, how it makes you feel and what you would like your partner to do to resolve the problem. Communication is the first step.


My Man does help round the house....But if he is making the beds they are kinda thrown together guess he hasn't heard about tucking sheets in.
He also does the grocery shopping...I have know idea where he goes to it takes him ages..... think he must be abducted by little green men.....and when he does arrive back he always seems to have stuff we don't need..Ahhhh the mystery of My man and Supermarkets??


Taking the questions sideways a little, for those of us with children - who helps around home more, sons or daughters? Also, do you think the way your parents handle housework sharing has much influence on your own expectations?


My man helps but not so much the housework! lol. if i cant be bothered cooking or just had a hectic day then he will cook (which is rare for dinner nt to be ready wen he gets home) but he likes to go out more than getting inside work done which can annoy me coz id rather clean in the morning then not worry about it when you get home.

lol my partners like that!! always wants to put things off till later! id rather get it done and then can relax!


my hubbie doesnt cook,but that doesnt mean he doesnt do anything he does those man things lawns,spraying,house repairs etc,but he helps in other ways with the kids etc its all about balance in the homelife when your both working.


So what are you trying to say, most men have a cleaning-phobia.
Hey, maybe we are just trying to look after their sex life.

Heterosexual married men who spend their time doing yard work, paying bills and changing the oil have more sex than husbands who spend their time cooking, cleaning and shopping, according to a new study on the subject of housework and sex.

Sounds like this study has hit the nail on the head ladies!


i am currently working 50hour weeks - 6 days a week while my boyfriend is on the dole. its frustrating cause it feels as though he isn't trying to get a job or making the effort to get one. what makes things worse is he does nothing around the house :(. just plays on his laptop and has sleep ins!

today (my day off hurrah) i am sick as a dog with a chesty cough ...unfortunately he has chosen this day (of all seven days of the week) to go drinking with his friends. ahwell. i do love him...but just wished he did stuff around the house...even just making the bed (i get up 7am...hes still in bed till 10am ish).


I am a control freak in the kitchen LOL, I do not like it when people even try to stir the pot! :p but in saying that, when I am just too tired and have had a rough day my man will not mind at all if he has to cook after working all day. a happy mummy makes a happy home :) hehe

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