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My man is the best cook, but that is not all. If I promise him 100% of my attention all day (and night!)Sunday, he just seems to be so very helpful in the cleaning, washing and even has been seen scrubbing and vacuuming the floor. Men, how I love them, and easy to help make my week easier around the home!!??


I think me and my partner both have our 'blob' moments. I think I do do a lot of the housework, but then again, I am home more than him (hes at University more than me). I think as long as both parties help out then it should be no worries!

Sometimes its good to have different duties that each person can focus on each week.....I haven't done this, but I know of people that do this and it does work for them!. For example one could be on vacuuming and bathroom and the other could be on dishes and making the bed or whatever.

I do think that sometimes one person can be doing more than the other, in saying this I do find that sometimes females expect guys to just get up and help...I find that they don't and you actually have to ask :( sad but true...in saying this, once you do ask they do help you out, its just a pitty you have to get to the asking stage. Haha


what are the ways you guys do your washing?? lol ive had a dad who always just left it to mum... so from the begining... ive always done mine... and the household stuff.. but he has to do his own... and a friend of mine keeps telling me how stupid i am for doing this?? how do you do it?


Hey Anna! I do alllll the washing, I even pick up his clothes (and smell which ones are dirty HAHA) and put them in the wash too. I just prefer doing the washing, I don't know why. I think that only one person should do it too, otherwise you'd be going through HEAPS of water which can be costly (unless you get free water???)

I guess its up to what suits the couple, I am perfectly happy being on washing duty! I usually wash them and put them in the wash and then my boyfriend would put them on the line and Id usually help with that.

Do what suits you, but maybe you do the washing (if thats what you like doing) and then get him to put it on the line :)


Every now and then he goes on a clean out mission..he jiffs the bench and throws out anything he can find that he 'assumes' is rubbish (I usually have to rescue a few things). Thankfully that is few and far between and as long as he cooks dinner sometimes and keeps the lawns mowed..I am quite happy.


If he knows what's good for him he does.
No seriously he is a great help, but l like my space in the kitchen.

I like space in the kitchen,... but only for the cooking... hes welcome to do all the cleaning haha!!


lucky to say my man does whatever i can't do around the house esp cleaning the toilet and bathroom. he's a great help and super proud of him!


I wish! He does absolutely nothing. Yes he does work full time & I stay at home with the kids. But I think he should be able to tidy up after himself? He could put his clothes in the basket instead of leaving them in the middle of the lounge & he could put the stuff away after he makes something to eat for himself.


My husband doesn't do much around the house but, if I ask, he'll do most things but I have to ask. He does work hard, during the day at his job and often evenings on a part time business so I feel I want our home to be a place where he can relax and I'm not continuously nagging. If it's too much for me I will let him know though! I'm a full-time mum that works part-time.


I have a great man who does at least half of the work around the house and care of the kids. We can step up when one of our jobs needs more time or if we need time out or are sick etc. Sometimes when dealing with the kids and one of us is getting worn down/frustrated the other takes over. It most definitely a 50-50 relationship.

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