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Yip, mines great, but I do have to ask otherwise he seems to have blinkers on :)


jeez - mine does sweet fa - he DOES work long hours as a painter (often 7 days a week) but its get up, go to work, come home, go to bed for him - never mind all the stuff around the house to be done. I work fulltime as well and I hate the fact that my weekends are always busy with housework. , I get up at 5.30 to make lunches, beds, do washing etc before I leave for work at 8am, then when I'm home around 5.30pm its the same story - I am the one who cooks, helps with homework etc,etc, etc. The 2 kids we have still at home (18 and 8) are equally lazy, no matter how much I try to encourage them to help out. And they wonder why I like a wine or 5 at night???

lol id be having a wine or two if that was my lot in life aswell!!


Don't get me wrong hes a great guy in other ways - this does annoy me no end though...........


Sounds like we could have a few candidates for "Wife Swap"!


lol I'm keen :-) would probably be a wake-up call for him too!


lol!! too bad most of the girls in chelsey seem happy or we could have had our very own chelsey swap haha


Mine does, He has had serious health problem last few years but before that did his share of housework, shopping etc.since he became unwell i took over everything.Now its my turn to be unwell,5 months ago i lost most of my mobility and now our roles are reversed. If we hadn't always shared the housework etc, i dread to think what it would be like in this situation now!


I saw how lost my father was after my mother died - she'd always done all the accepted "women's jobs" and he had no idea re cooking. I determined that was not going to happen to my husband if I went first - so I declared that we would start taking turns - alternate days - as the dinner cook. The one not cooking to do all the clearing up afterwards. Not an easy task for him as he eats meat and I do not. We went through a period of less than gourmet cooking (eg 3 veg and a lump of cheese for me) and I faced many days where it seemed that he'd used about every pot and kitchen tool I own. However - patience won out and he is now very proud of his range of skills. I felt really proud the day I came home to a very special poached salmon dish - from a recipe he'd sourced on the internet (and he's not a keen computer user even) Since we both retired he also shares many other household chores.


Cooking duties are mine, I enjoy it as a way to unwind at the end of my day. If I can't be bothered cooking then he usually shouts takeaways!
BF does the dishes and most of the vacuuming.
I can't really complain!


Mine does mostly, he cooks dinner most nights, and he works 6 days a week so often in the weekend I'm left to do all the washing/vacuuming cleaning etc..which is fine but we do also have two children aged 6 and 3 which he helps with often but usually only in the im getting them dressed way, no help with the homework (for 6 year old) and all other things i have to help with. Oh well can't have everything ay :)

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