Discussing :: Christmas - can be a time of stress


Christmas - can be a time of stress

Relationships can be tested at this time of year, due to family pressure, money, expectations shortfalls and drink related problems. Time of merriment needs to be cherished and avoid conflict as you enjoy each other. Do you agree?


it is so hard not to get caught up in all the time pressured things to complete each year. Try to take things in your stride and remember to take time out for yourselves. The world will not end if its not all done there is another day tomorrow. Enjoy the people around you not the things around you.


Do agree. Not sure what advice would be useful, as every person/household has a different situation, with varying reasons for the added stress. I imagine many already had the stresses, they are just magnified at this time of the year. I have decided to try my hardest to not let the pressure of having the 'perfect' family Christmas get to me this year. Which I suppose is my advice, do your best to have a good day, but remember that nothing is perfect and if you've done your best and people are still not happy, then that's their problem, not yours.


Christmas was kinda out of our household budget a couple of years ago. I just explained to family & friends that we should just give a $5 present to be opened around the Christmas table. We had so much fun with whoopie cushions fake poos yep & blowing bubbles. My mantra is 'If I've got it I give it, if I haven't I can't' After all Christmas is not about giving it's for the kiddies.


Totally agree with Mrs Meech. When my parents were alive we used to have a full-on Christmas, with hot meal in the middle of the day etc. Now xmas at our house is very casual, we eat cold meats and salads and have an open house all day for friends and acquaintances to stop in. Very low key, very low stress. Just what we all need after a year of working hard!


This has been the most stressful Christmas to date...But the Crazy part is for no big particular reason...I got sick a couple of weeks with a frozen shoulder so was out of action for a week and I think that has had a knock on effect in the house..I have not sent out a Christmas Card am late shopping and we are off on a road trip Friday to Auckland to see Katy Perry...I have decided not to worry about it as long as we have good health and can manage to put on some kind of nice spread on Christmas day I am Happy...


Yes very much so, this Christmas has been so far the most stressful; as my partner promised to come with me to my old hometown for family time at Christmas, but since that "promise" he has backed out of it. Saying that his old cat needs looking after, I can assure you - yes it does need looking after - considering some (mongrel) cat decided to take matters into its own hands and hurt the old cat. But to me a promise is a promise. Now I have to explain to my family in Gisborne, that I will be the only one coming home..talk about STRESS.


I think Christmas is stressful but organisation really helps. Getting the gift buying out the way early so that as it gets closer to Christmas you can focus on decorating the house and baking festive goodies. Trying to cook or prepare as much food as possible before Christmas day really helps too.


I think people forget to breathe during the busy Christmas period.It is a stressful time for people because the media and advertisement industry has portrayed Christmas as purely materialistic and focused more on presents rather than the true meaning of Christmas.Parents feel pressured to buy more and more each year to compete with what they think they need for their children to feel loved.I think it is important for us to recognise the true meaning of Christmas, being together, giving, love and being grateful for what we have. Relax and chill out! :-)


You have to learn to delegate and not try and do everything yourself. Take time out to smell the roses.


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