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50 shades to whip up a frenzy in 2015

So trailers are out for the long-awaited 50 Shades of Grey movie - due for release on Valentine's Day 2015. This movie promises to be a real blockbuster, but will it be marked by a surge of interest in Mr Grey's interesting bedroom techniques?

Anyone looking for a Mr Grey, or perhaps has found one?


Haven't read the books....might have to watch the movie to see what all the fuss is about. What interesting bedroom techniques am I likely to see?


Have had no inclination to read the books but have seen the trailer and not something i would want to sit through. If i wanted titilation i would rent a porn movie and watch in private. Could see myself squirming with embarrasment in a theatre.


if the books are anything to go by - I won't bother! If you want great sex scenes and sexual tension you need a great story and interesting characters, sadly the books have neither!


Heck yes Mr Grey - it sure will!


I found the books dull and expected them to be a lot more interesting and 'educational' - but I'll probably watch the movies on dvd just to see what they do with the material.


I've been put off by reading one of the books - so I won't be bothering with the film, although I know friends who have read all the books and enjoyed the film and "cared" about the characters.


Looks like the general consensus is a big thumbs down!


leaves out a few of the shady scenes


Am I the only once who hasn't ready the book or seen the movie????

You are not alone! I haven't read a single word of any of the books, or watched the movie. Don't have any intention to either!! Just doesn't float my boat ;-)


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