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Winter time - Flu jab time

A good majority support having a 'flu jab'. Some people react to it. Some work places give a 'free flu jab', therefore reduce sick days.Are you for it?


I have had the flu jab for the past 4 years and it has been brilliant! The worse I have had is a couple of very light colds where as i would normally get at least one bad dose of flu each winter.


The word in the medical profession is that this year's flu jab is not quite as effective. Still would encourage all to have it though.


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You should have the flu jab - if you don't and end up getting the flu you may pass it onto others. This is very selfish.


Due to a lung disease, I have to have flu shots every year and a pneumonia shot every 3 years. I'm not a fan of them but the alternative would put me in hospital.


I've had it a couple of times and haven't found it to help but it's worth a shot - litertally!!


All for it! You're not just stopping yourself from being sick, but you're helping other people from catching it from you. Its thoughtless to not get one, if you are offered it - especially if it is free!


I've had the flu jab for past 3 years. No colds, no flu! Fab! Saved me heaps of money on chemists and doctors! But then again I don't mix with a lot of people daily, nor do I go out much - one catches colds or flu from others. But even if I was working etc, I'd still definitely get the jab!

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