Discussing :: Wine - A curse, or a cure.


Wine - A curse, or a cure.

A drop or two of wine, does a wonder to weather its bad for your diet, or a health tonic.... Red or white, seems to be problem at times.... or to say 'when'


My partner and I have found the 275ml bottle of wine perfect to have with a meal rather than opening a 750ml bottle and feeling like we have to drink it all in one evening. The small bottle may cost a little bit more but it helps with moderation and therefore less weight gain and less harm to my liver! With varying size wine glasses it is quite hard to measure how much wine you are drinking so a small bottle is perfect.


I have stuck to a 2 glass limit for many years now after being a cask consumer in my youth... quality over quantity now, and I love a glass while winding down in the evening.


I'm sure wine has some medicinal benefits, but it is similar to all other alcoholic beverages - everything in moderation. Many men have changed their choice from beer to wine and eventually they consume the higher alcohol with disregard!


I love red wine, but don't drink too often, maybe once in every 2 weeks, more on holidays, of course.:) It has antioxidants, so must be good in moderation, at least that's what I always tell myself.:)


I love wine but don't drink it very often,probably once or twice a year because I get violent headaches the next day no matter how much I have drunk. It could be the high sugar content , I'm not sure, but lovely as it is it's not worth the pain.


My favourite has to be red wine, the man & I have 2 bottles a week, we enjoy it, don't have the hang over & hopefully it's helping our immune systems. If not, we'll just keep trying!


I find it hard to not finish the bottle when i open a wine... but i dont do it everyday so i figure its ok. Just heavy on calories which is not helpful


I have swapped to either smaller single serve bottles or a small bottle of cider. I also find it too hard not to finish off a bottle of wine. In my head i always justify this by saying that the wine will not taste so good in a day or too. One glass, becomes two...... So i just do not buy a normal size anymore, problem solved


I tend to have smaller servings than I used to - I'd fill the glass right up but now pour it about 40% full so I can swirl it like a wine toff! ;O) Helps to slow down my drinking and to really appreciate the wine.


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