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What's the strangest food you've eaten?

I've tried a lot of weird seafood like this snotty looking sea slug looking thing which was still alive when it slid down my throat, then I imagined it was squirming around in my stomach for weeks lol. If you were a contestant on Fear Factor what food challenges would you dread the most? Mine would have to be maggots & bulls penis (both were actual challenges on the show) *gag.

I had to eat fried jellyfish in China last year. It tasted better than their wine.


I'm definitely not into eating animal food that is alive. I still recall eating a freshly dredged scallop - its sweet and salty taste as my teeth bit down on the succulent flesh. I could almost hear it screaming in my mouth. Never, ever, again! Most revolting taste would have to be a durian biscuit whose flavour was just like the smell (not the taste of the fruit) - a cross between vomit and human faeces. Unusual foods I've eaten - crocodile, kangaroo, horse, snails... and I once tried 'chocolate ants' which came in a tin. Also eaten sweet corn ice-cream which was rather nice! If you want to try something pretty gruesome in a beautiful setting, there is a restaurant in New Caledonia (beautiful French cooking) where they have river rats on the menu. Worst feel in the mouth - plump, juicy red caviar exploding like a pustule in your mouth when you bite down on it. As for what I could never put in my mouth.. fat, slimy pink worms.


...I don't know if it is all that strange but I ate something in the Caribbean call tutu con keshi....which basically was black eyed peas, and cheese rolled into a corn floured dough....I tried to make out I liked it but was really dying to hurl......I also tried conch...they are like large sea snails and yes had the same effect as the tutu con keshi....yuck!


Just remembered that I tried something really yummy which was pretty unusual when I was on holiday recently. It was freeze-dried ice-cream - the same stuff they give astronauts on their space missions. It came in a foil pack and inside was a light as a feather slab of nepolitan (choc, strawberry and vanilla) dehydrated ice-cream. When you bit into it it turned into a scrummy creaming moosh - just like real ice-cream but not cold!

I found a picture of my freeze-dried ice-cream Try it if you get a chance. It really was quite yummy!


...ohh I remember after I was talking to my bf that I did try kina's or sea urchin once...cause he loves them and I threw up after trying them...they were gross and slimey, he remembered because I told him he can't kiss me or anything until he brushes his teeth and cleans his tongue....lol...those kina's were gross!....


I was cutting up some old wood in the yard and found some huhu grubs. I called my 4 year old over to show her and said 'you can eat them, want one?' And she ate it. Then she said, 'are you going to have one?' and though I wanted to say "OH GOD NO!!" that seemed both unfair and cruel, so I did. The taste wasn't bad, but the consistency... ewww... I thought it would be like a worm, but it was crunchy.

Ewww that was brave!

I can't think of anything really strange that I've had.

Would have thought escargot was strange, until I tried it (had it a few times now) and it really wasn't.

Yes, I remember finding one of the kids munching on a snail from the garden once. I did not join in however! Also recall my mother in law, who was supposed to be babysitting. laughing herself silly when she found a tiny helping himself to the cat 's mooshy food (disgusting)!

...Yeah my man tried to pressure me in having some of those when we were at a Wild tastes festival....we went cause he wanted to go and he tried everything....lol again I said no nothing till you brush the teeth and the tongue.....and everything else....I can't handle stuff like that I always think I can then yuck I realise I was fooling myself...

I was driving around Spain with my Spanish boyfriend and saw lots of people gathering something from the side of the road. I asked what they were doing and he said collecting caracoles. I said, 'plants'? no. 'Fruit'? no. Finally I looked it up in the dictionary.... 'SNAILS?' yes, he said, snails!! Noooooooo..... But yes, the whole family goes out and collects snails for dinner. Apparently he used to do it when he was younger too. Gross. NO MORE KISSES FOR YOU!!

...hahaha must be a Spanish/Latino thing because one of my ex's who was Colombian use to do the same thing as a kid...gross!....luckily he just told me about it and never showed me what it involved....lol

I was with my friend and kids on the beach one day and they found a huhu grub.......Shock horror to me and the kids as my friend put it in her mouth and ate it...Delicious she said my kids have never forgotten that day... Every time they see a huhu grub they say look there Trish's dinner...Haha


Good on you Fi! I remember eating huhu grubs when I was younger, but not since becoming an adult.


My friends daughter was about 1 when he came in and found the last piece of a big cockroach in her mouth. THAT would have made me puke.

YUCK! The picture in my head is bad enough. I wouldn't have wanted to see the real thing.

...yuck!...the poor little thing...and she would have never known what the fuss was all about too....but yeah throw up me too!

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As a child I used to feast on Crickets And in Italy I ordered a pizza 'molta carne' and ended up eating Horse


Balut. I was seven at the time and my mother (who is Filipino) did not tell me what I was actually eating. I only had a wee bit but never again.

Ew, that is disgusting. Could you work out what it was by the look of it? How developed are they?

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