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What's better - a workout of chocolate?

Seriously, what leaves your mind and body feeling better - a workout in the gym or a bar of chocolate and a glass of wine?


Interestingly I read recently that it was better to really enjoy that chocolate and glass of wine when you do have it instead of trying to resist it. A least a work out of chocolate gives your mind a great work out in terms of feeling great immediately. In the long run it is the healthy workout that may leave you in better shape when you are 80!! So the answer is do you go for instantaneous gratification or long term gain? Your choice


I don't like the gym. Personally I prefer a bikeride, or a good walk. A glass of wine doesn't quite have the same effect, unfortunately - as enjoyable as that is.


I'm going to say I feel better after a workout - I feel proud of myself for doing it and energised for the day whereas after eating chocolate I usually feel a bit sick because it's too sweet. Of course I do eat it in moderation but it's the times when I have too much that leaves me feeling gross!


Exercise is one of the most underutilised anti-depressants available and guess what it’s free.

.....and then there's mouth watering chocolate !!!!


Nothing beats the feeling of post-work out for me. Except maybe the enjoyment of a glass of wine AFTER a work out that day. I tend to exercise mostly because I love the feeling of being fit, but also because it lets me indulge in my wine and guilty food pleasures (chocolate being right up there) without having to even think about my weight.


I like to workout and then I know I can have a glass of wine at night.


I love running outside in the fresh air and sunshine. The guilt will always make chocolate second best for me.


Chocolate all the way, never feel good after working out, chocolate is my go too and love every bite!!!!!!! (No I'm not 300 pounds either hehe)


I've never been to a gym in my whole long life and never intend to either. On the other hand, chocolate and wine...now that is something I've done a lot of and will continue to do, GUILT FREE and with my mind and body feeling a whole lot better!

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