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What do YOU eat for breakast?!

I've always wanted to ask a decent group this? What do you find sets you up best for a big day and/or tastes the best!?

my fave is mashed banana on a toasted english muffin with a drizzle of maple syrup over the top... yum!

Porridge made with frozen berries sets me up till 10.30 and it makes it colourful to entice my daughter as well.

I make my own muesli, (mostly oats, nuts and seeds) and a little honey for sweetness. Add a little fruit juice, yoghurt and fruit and it keeps me full till lunchtime. My kids will eat it too!

Itrend to have a protein smoothie for breakfast - juice or rice milk plus berries or whatever fruit is available or in season, a dash of probiotic plain yogurt, a dash of Nordic Naturals fish oil (makes it yummy and creamy) a tsp of greens powder and some protein powder all whizzed up together. Like to then follow with a cereal and rice milk if i have time. The smoothie is great as I have kids and a business and always on the run in the morning...breakfast best meal of the day!!!!

Meat and nuts! im serious- steak and walnuts or salmon and almonds etc first thing sets you up for the day.

The initial hit of quality animal flesh protein (NOT PROTEIN POWDER) sets up your daily production of neurotransmitters (puts you in a good mood), hormones (helps with stress levels and weight) and keeps you full and full of energy for ages!

Why not protein powder? Whey protein causes a blood sugar spike, which means you have a burst of energy and then a huge dip. Spikes in blood sugar also predispose you to putting on weight more easily. Whey protein (and most other protein powders) should be reserved strictly as a post-workout snack for those who are weight training... No one else needs them!

If I was just going for taste - it would be all the bad things hmmm pancakes, bacon and eggs - a big good old sunday brunch :)

I usually have a bowl of AllBran or Uncle Toby's oats and a mug of green tea :)

Eggs - poached, boiled or scrambled on a piece of toast.
I start thinking about breakfast the night before !!


Nothing beats avo and tomato on wholegrain... Ticks all the boxes, well maybe not protein but im off and firing everyday! And it tastes so good!


Muesli, yoghurt and berries eaten as I'm running around the house every morning :P


I never eat breakfast!! I never have, I find that I get hungry around 10am so have a meal then! I've always just eaten when I'm hungry, not at a set time such as breakfast, lunch and dinner. But love cereal - sometimes I have this for dinner!


I find poached eggs on vogels bread keeps me full for hours.


Two pan scrambled eggs, with a sprinkle of rock salt (protein kick)
A low-fat yoghurt with a tablespoon of toasted nuts/museli (dairy and protein kick)
A Dole Fruit & Oats pot - Breakfast Apple or Orchard Pear

And always with a cup of coffee!

Each a good low KJ meal to start your day!


Oh, just a cup of coffee


Raisin toast, yoghurt and a steaming hot cup of green tea!


Poached eggs on toast keep me full all day but lately I've been having frozen berries with greek yoghurt which is heaps faster - so I can have 5 more mins sleep!


I like having a big breakfast. I usually go for porridge with brown sugar and all bran sometimes with stewed apples though I'll switch it around with scrambled eggs with tomato and/or leftover chicken or a stack of wholegrain toast with marmite and cheese or spaghetti and bacon on toast.


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