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Weight Loss Tips!

Get your whanau and friends involved in healthy eating too - teach your kids healthy eating habits Don’t skip meals, especially make sure you have breakfast to kick-start your metabolism Fill up on colourful vegetables - these are very high in health-protecting nutrients, and are very low in calories Reduce your portion sizes. Avoid super-sizing as this adds loads more calories. If you do end up super-sizing, share with a friend Use low fat cooking methods, i.e. don’t add extra fat or oil to your cooking. Don’t shop when you’re hungry and keep to your list Reward yourself – but not with food Thats what i try. See if it works for you all.

Ummm isn't this stating the obvious...Where is the weight loss tips????


...just don't over eat...portion control and exercise....pure and simple...adjust to suit, increase intensity if necessary and rest the end!


If you are happy person, you would gain weight. :-(

...WHAT! one minute you are saying in another thread that if you are not happy you will get older and die younger, now you are saying if you are happy you gain weight???......what if you are content with yourself....one way or the other....what happens then...pfffff

@ Tudalum - i dont know, but i always see fat people are friendly to me and they look happy too. i know i might be wrong but its just what i see & feeling around me.

...yeah I am sure they are happy around you until you call them fat people...probably....


What's your take on protein intake? I hear a lot of mixed messages about protein from various sources. Would you say the more the better, or keep to a recommended DI ?


@Siobhan - Everyone of us... have diffrent -->mind, body, jobs etc. Best thing is to get a 'BLOOD TEST' to know whats less in our blood count and then talk to your FAMILY DOCTOR. As he knows your past & knows how OUR/your body works. Thats what i would tell my 'sister'. Other then that there are lots of book and idea in the world.


Couldn't believe it but my cousin weighed himself before and after Christmas lunch and reckoned that he'd put on four kilos! Some people are crazy but there was no convincing him this just wasn't possible.


1-Christmas, 2-New Year, 3- Birthday of our own - Should be the ONLY days, when we can eat WHATEVER without looking at our body/food-chart. Or what's the point of living if we can't enjoy ONLY 3 DAYS in a year.


Yes, life is about balance not about obsessiveness. Also , I wish people could see how their behaviour affects others around them.


I GOT A Recipe: Fresh fruit kebabs with lemon lime dip Ingredients: 4 ounces low-fat, sugar-free lemon yogurt 1 teaspoon fresh lime juice 1 teaspoon lime zest 4 to 6 pineapple chunks 4 to 6 strawberries 1 kiwi, peeled and diced 1/2 banana, cut into 1/2-inch chunks 4 to 6 red grapes 4 wooden skewers Directions In a small bowl, whisk together the yogurt, lime juice and lime zest. Cover and refrigerate until needed. Thread 1 of each fruit onto the skewer. Repeat with the other skewers until the fruit is gone. Serve with the lemon lime dip.


We go on and on and on and on about losing weight. Wondered if there were any Chelsey ladies who have the opposite problem and want to put weight on. We often seem to forget that this can be a difficult for some people as losing weight is for others.

@ Wice - could have a ''put weight on'' forum page, and see if any ladies here who have the problem, and would like to talk about it.

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