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Visiting Grandma... how old is old?

More and more people are living into their hundreds but the reality is, not many of them have a quality of life that younger people would find acceptable, let alone enjoyable. Many seem to live from day to day, largely dependent on others to give any meaning to their lives.

I'm speaking generally, rather than the exceptions, but at what age do you consider someone to be old? Most of us know one or two people at least, who are in their eighties and still active and relatively happy, even though we would classify them as 'old' rather than young or middle aged. They may be 'young at heart' but that's basically where the fountain stops.

How old is the oldest person that you you know personally? What do you think of their quality of life? Would you want to live to be as old as them?


Personally I have never had any desire to reach old age but I have a great respect for people that do and are still enjoying life. I know one person in their later eighties that is still doing some work from home. My gran is 82 and can't do a lot these days but she still makes the most of life. She is still able to live at home and basically take care of herself & can still drive. She loves her family which is what I think keeps her enjoying life. I think that age is just a number is true as it can vary so much from person to person.


I am a Grandma and adore the visit of the grandchildren, I love to know when they are coming as always have a wee treat for each of them. They can make one laugh and almost cry but don't seem to mind how old I am just that in their minds I am VERY OLD BLESS THEM


My kids LOVE their grandparents and talk too them/ see them every week.......and I know the grandparents love their visits and they think it keeps them "young".

I have a great aunt who recently turned 101. She has only just gone into a rest home but is still dry independent there. I guess being that old means you see a lot of friends/ family die before you......so that is rather sad....

I would be happy to reach any age as long as I had my health and mobility...as best as a older person could have.


I know a 95 year old man who has been in a rest home for about five years now but lived on his own for many years after his wife died. He has many medical problems since his early years, but despite all this still maintains a positive attitude. As they say, you are only as old as you see yourself to be. He is very lucky to still be alive as he was in a serious car accident at 15 years old. As for quality of life, he can't get around much now but has very good carers looking after him.


I think that age is just a number and when someone still feels young despite their age that is an awesome thing. My great granny was the oldest person I knew and she passed away at the age of 92. She had a pretty comfortable life in the end and still had the feisty scottish spirit that runs in the family. I don't think there is such a thing at too old because quite simply most old people I had know who have died have simply given up the will to live so have passed away at varying ages.


I know an 85 year old who skypes and is more of a whizz on the internet then I am... If I am ever that age, I really hope I am as cool and up with the times as she is!


I agree age is just a number! My mother-in-law was a very lively 60 year old but had a stroke and unfortunately it aged her instantly as she lost that quality of life. Good health and spirit definitely is a key ingredient in being considered not old. My Grandad lived until 100 and it was only the last 5 years I really considered him as old.


It never to old to visit Grandma or any older relatives, they usually love the visit and it is good to see how they are doing I just wish my grandparents were still alive to enjoy the experiences they were so awesome my grandmas were great cooks, and the stories they use to tell us as children its moments like those that are to be treasured and remembered


My great grand mother died a few years ago and was 100.
My grand mother is 70ish and has the energy of a thirty year old.
Things are looking good for my longevity.


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