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Top Quality Dental Care in India

A good dentist is a person who succeeds in bringing a smile on people’s face. Each person wants a good smile on his or her face. A good smile is a sign of mental as well as physical fitness. Only a healthy mouth can produce a perfect smile and the Best Dental Clinic in India can help you in getting a perfect smile. There are two important things that you should do in order to ensure your oral health. One is that you should keep your mouth clean. Brushing twice every day and flossing your teeth after each meal is important. This will clear our remains of food that may have stuck in between your teeth. The second important thing is regular visits to a dental clinic. At the best dental clinic in India your teeth will be examined and cleaned thoroughly. It will be scraped with a metal tool to remove plaque and other buildups and flossed extensively. If there are any fissures sealants will be applied to prevent food material from getting stuck inside it. If your enamel is weak then a layer of fluoride paste will be applied.

One of the best Dental clinic that I visited in India is Dentzz dental. I had visited them for Root canal treatment and they very very economical and effective as well.


I have a friend who went to Thailand on a dental holiday trip, it was all organised for her in NZ before she left included accommodation for her and her husband on a 7 day stay that included her dental work, recovery and a food tour and spa visit. She went there because she was quote over 10K to have work done here that only cost her less than 5K including their stay. The dentists were trained in the US and UK and their host for their stay was an Aussie guy who runs the hospitality part there for kiwis and aussies. The best decision she has made she reckons


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totally agree Wice, in this particular instance, but I find dental tourism really interesting especially after seeing the docos on TV about them

Me too, it's just a pity that the initial post had to be an advert rather than a discussion.


I have done a lot of dental work in India and I can vouch that the work is pretty good for fraction of the price we pay in NZ. It literally pays for your Airline ticket and more.


I have heard that the quality of care in both India and Thailand is far better than most people expect. Dirty little rooms in squallid shacks with unqualified dentists and substandard equipment does tend to be what I picture everytime I think about it, but given that my teeth require a lot of (expensive) work I think I might research this a bit more seriously.


Wow thanks for that. Thailand and India are certainly places i have considered visiting and expensive dental treatment is in the pipeline for me in the near future.


Personally go with Thailand as the best option for dental care, have had lots of my friends go and had the best results!


I didn't go to the dentist for like 15 years due to bad experiences with overzealous dentists when I was a kid (anyone else got UK dentist horror stories?) but now I really look after them and have noticed the difference - especially in the pocket. Keep telling my 15 year old niece to look after her teeth now otherwise she will be spending money on them in her 20's and 30's that she could be spending on shoes!


I can't believe how popular dental tourism is now - top quality treatment (particularly in some Asian countries) and much smaller bills. Only problem is if you need follow-up treatment. It's a long way to go back, so may prove to be false economy.

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